Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kobalds Round 16: The Kobalds Withdraw Again

The dwarves continue the fight:

Warth attacks 3309, hitting and killing the kobald there.  He has a movement of three left (attack cost halved since he gets two attacks against minor kobalds a round), so he moves to 3409 and attacks that kobald ... unfortunately dropping his military pick in the process.  The pick does not break.  The pick lands back in 3309 - Warth has no axe and no pick at the moment.

Palt moves to 3108 and attacks 3208, missing.  That's unfortunate, as Frith climbs the stairs and the two of them together in that hex fouls the forward movement of the lower dwarves.

Batath attacks the kobald in 3007, missing.

The dwarves at the bottom of the stairs sort themselves out.

Before the kobalds attack.

The kobalds fight back:

The kobald in 3509 drops its bow, pulls a blade and attacks Warth.  He misses.

The kobald in 3208 attacks Palt, with +2 to hit (due to Frith being in the hex).   That kobald also misses.

Finally, the kobald in 3007 attacks Batath - it hits Batath for 1 point of damage.  Batath is not stunned.

The kobalds on the ledge above, those with bows, withdraw - only those atop the hut in 3406 remain and reload their weapons.

That is their round, and the battle looks like this:

Andrej - Batath will shout that he has the kobald in 3007, and will engage him at once - thus, you won't have to defend yourself against that kobald, and there won't be any movement penalty for moving out of 3107 (will only cost 1 MP).

Lukas - you can see only the top of the kobald in 3509 - Warth is in the way, and the kobald's height means that you'd need a natural 20 to hit it.  FYI.  You can see the kobald in 3208, but you can also see that Palt is moving to 3209 and attacking it.


Alexis said...

(OOC: How's the level of everyone's investment? Gotta keep checking - around a table I could see your faces)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I'm engaged, but wishing we could call in an airstrike!)

Ahmet goes to 2611 and gets his damn daggers.

Lukas said...

Lukas looks around for anyone held up who needs some salve treatment. Otherwise, he just waits on his hut for a good target.

Lukas said...

(OOC: Sorry, as far as engagement goes, this week I just can't get myself on the edge of my seat. I've been having some light insomnia all week and am just feeling too ragged. I'm attentive though.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Having a real blast. Love fighting hordes of little guys as a change of pace)

Andrej steps into hex 3106 and attacks the checkered kobold.

to hit: 6 :(
dmg: 5

Alexis said...

(OOC: Gawd, Lukas, I hear you there. I haven't had a good night's sleep since being up all night with insomnia a week ago.

Every combat hits a point where it starts to grind; I hope that we can get over that grind here. I remind you all of this ludicrous combat I played out by rolling every participant exactly as the game is going here. What an experience that was!)

Alexis said...

Sometimes, Ahmet, you have to do it yourself.

That does miss, Andrej.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.