Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kobalds Round 14: The Kobalds Knock 'em Back

I'm going to start saving the image until after the text.  I'm sorry if this has been confusing up to now.  There have been no complaints, but I think this will work a bit better.

Lukas kills his target and Andrej misses, and Ahmet receives 6 hp from Zoft's light cure spell.  The rest of the dwarves attack.

Palt rolls a natural 20 against the left kobald in 3007 and cleaves him in half (causes 12 damage).  Palt forces the other kobald back and enters that hex.  Wedth climbs to the top and attacks the right kobald in 3107, missing.

Batath makes his way successfully along the wall, like a spider, while Odval climbs to the top of the pyramid.  Ermeth steps to the bottom of the stairs and throws his axe agains the kobald in 3109, hitting with a glancing blow, but not killing.  The kobald is stunned and the axe bounces against the hut and breaks.

The remaining dwarves wait impatiently for Andrej to clear the top of the stairs.

The kobalds fight back.

The nine remaining bowmen load this round.  The remaining kobald line is steadily thinning:

Before the kobald attack.
Andrej is attacked four times, from 3209 and 3208 (no flanking attacks).  Wedth, only once, from 3107, and Palt is attacked from 3006 and 3106.

The kobalds miss Andrej entirely.  The one on Wedth hits, causing 3 damage - this unfortunately stuns Wedth.  He makes a dexterity check and does not stumble and fall back down the slope.

Palt is hit hard by the kobald in the orange jersey - he takes 6 damage, and this stuns him, too.  He staggers back into the hex with Wedth, and the kobalds press in.

The party may take action from here:


Andrej said...

Andrej attacks the lone Kobold in hex 3107 and steps into the hex upon a successful hit:

to hit: 19
dmg: 3

Andrej said...

(OOC: Given two rounds of complete misses from the kobolds, I'm still very much OK with exchanging mobility for armor class... but do see the advantage in back-rank characters like Lukas having the MPs)

Lukas said...

Lukas will throw his sixth dart at the remaining archer in view.

D20: 3 (+2-2)
D3: 3

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Was I able to apply any salves while moving to Zoft? Can I apply any now?)

Alexis said...

Andrej, that hits and kills the kobald in 3107.

Lukas, that misses.

Ahmet, you did not have time before, but you certainly have time to apply a salve right now. roll a d4 and add that many hit points (it takes a round to apply a salve).

Ahmet said...

D4: 2

I'm now at 10 HP.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.