Friday, April 13, 2012

Kobalds Round 11: Ahmet Leads the Charge

As I said in the last post, Nerga rushes up behind Ahmet.  Andrej has dropped down into hex 2910 to complete the casting of his spell.  Ermeth falls back and is replaced by Wedth and Htuya.  Kushi, Erdina and Vala begin forming a pyramid under Warth's direction, to enable Palt to climb to hex 3008.

Lukas gets a good view of the next level - but while Ahmet can see the pink spaces, thes are obscured from Lukas by the wall at 2808.  I've added a layer of transparent grey to cover what Lukas  can't see.

Batath and Frith climb the stairs, and Frith orders that no more should climb up on the orange level until hearing different.  The others wait.  Klaas choses to come forward as it grows more distant for him.

The kobalds fight back.

10 loaded bowmen, 3205, 3305, 3406, 3410, 3509, 3107 and 3007 (check last round image) loose into Ahmet as he appears on the stairs.  Ahmet is AC 1 (with large shield +1 vs missiles) towards 60 degrees of his attackers - his best angle enables that +1 against 8 of the kobald bowmen.  They are all +2 to hit because Ahmet is not alone in the hex (but it means if they hit within two points the arrows hit Nerga and not Ahmet).

The total effect of this?  One arrow hits Ahmet for 3 damage.  The bowmen from 3007 and 3107 both back up into 3006 and 3106.

The kobalds have also readied javelins, but these are not thrown.  Two kobalds, step forward and attack; Ahmet realizes quickly that these are both quite skilled fighters.  The one on the right hits Ahmet for 5 points of damage.

I don't believe the 3, nor the 5, stuns Ahmet.

This is the kobald's round.

Do what you can.  Andrej's spell has been cast, and Andrej can discharge it this round if he wishes.

Ahmet gets only one attack against either of the two kobalds in front of him.


James Clark said...

Andrej casts Aid upon himself:

2d4+4: I aced it for 12 hit points

Putting me at 43 total hit points for the next 10 rounds.

Andrej shouts to Warth "Warth! Hold your dwarves and send me next!", indicating the stairs by pointing his mace toward it.

Lukas said...

Lukas is a bit startled by what he sees, but presses onwards...

He attempts to chuck a dart at one of the blocking kobolds. The left one I think would be best.

D20: 6 (4+1+1)
D3: 2

Darts thrown: 3

Alexis said...

Warth will give the order for Andrej's benefit, though likely Andrej will have to wait for Nerga and Htuya. Both of these are young dwarves, too impetuous, and don't listen to Warth's commands - their blood is up and they want into the fighting.

Ahmet I hope reads this. After he attacks, he can easily push the kobalds out any hex he wishes to enter - they're not very large, and will back off from his weight. Even if he misses with his attack, he can move into 3108 and push the kobalds back.

Lukas, that dart misses.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Since Lukas is startled ... am I making a case yet why designing on the computer is better than using miniatures?)

Andrej said...

(OOC: The case has been made. I seem to recall blog posts in the past on how you map Earth... have you yet demonstrated how you build these maps?)

Alexis said...

(The combat maps? No, not yet. I suppose I could.)

Ahmet said...

Sorry, back from my travels.

Ahmet attacks the one on the right, who hit him for 5 damage. (Is that the one in orange?)

To hit: 12
Damage: 8

Not sure if I have the MP left to move into another hex (I believe it's 2 MP to attack, 1 MP to disengage?), but if I can, I would like to move to 3008 or 3109 to allow others up the stairs.

Andrej said...

I think due to your greater mass you can displace the kobolds in hex 3108 and step right in for only one MP.

Ahmet said...

Yeah, but if Ahmet is in 3108, he's still blocking traffic. I was hoping to get him off to the side.

But 3108 is better than where he is -- if he can't get to 3008 or 3109, Ahmet goes to 3108.

Andrej said...

Ahmet, How do you feel about picking a direction, left or right, and heading to the corresponding stairs on that side (hexes 3006 or 3507). I'll go the other way, both of us knocking aside kobolds as we brain them with the dwarves hopefully filing in behind us.

This keeps the momentum going and prevents us from bogging down and having to face a whole lot of missile fire against just a few of us. The risk is getting surrounded and cut off, but I'm willing to take it.

Ahmet said...

Sounds good. I'll go toward 3507, it looks like there are more kobolds that way.

Andrej said...

True... but going toward 3006 instead, combined with your being able to possibly chop down two kobolds per round, gets us penetrated onto the next elevation quicker, where we can take out some archers.

There's value either way (kill the most the quickest vs. get to the back ranks quickest)... just wanted to throw out the other option.

Ahmet said...

True... but there will be Dwarves coming up that pyramid on that side. Either way we're sure to be pushed deep into kobold territory by the time the cave troll shows up!

Andrej said...

Again with the cave troll. ;)

Alexis said...

Ahmet hits with his blow, dropping the one in orange. Normally, against a larger foe, it would not be possible to push into 3108 at all - but kobalds weigh 40-50 lbs, so Ahmet can move into 3108.

The kobalds make room on the stairs for Andrej.

I'll be working to get the next post up.

Alexis said...

Point in fact, I'm noticing an error here - that I'm going to ignore, though it should be clarified for the future.

Technically speaking, Ahmet shouldn't be able to attack at all, because he is in the same hex as Nerga - I had stated 2 persons could be in the same hex, but that those persons could not attack out of that hex at the same time. I'll rule that in this instance, because Nerga is much shorter than Ahmet, and because Ahmet is higher on the stairs, his swinging his scimitar is highly unlikely to hit Nerga - the weapons being swung is the primary reason for the not attacking from a two-person-occupied hex rule.

I hope you understand this reasonable departure from that rule, and that the departure should not be counted upon in the future.

Ahmet said...

Got it.

Ahmet said...

Although, for future reference, could I have entered 3108, then attacked the kobold (now pushed into an adjacent hex) to avoid the Nerga problem?

Alexis said...

I'd have to rule no - if you're going to push into a hex, you have to attack first. It could be an overbearing attack, or grappling, but that would have to be stated beforehand.

The next post is up.