Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kobalds Round 15: The Dwarves Bash Their Way Up

Andrej takes his position at 3107.  At the same time, Warth climbs the stairs and gets two attacks against the kobalds in 3209.  He hits twice - the second roll is a critical.  Both kobalds are killed and Warth moves into hex 3209.  (take note - if Warth had a three movement, and not a four, he wouldn't have enough gas to move that last hex).

Ermeth quickly mounts the stairs (3 moves) and still has one move left, which is all he needs to attack a 1 HD creature - he hits the right kobald in 3208 and kills him.

Wedth can't move, but Odval grabs him and pulls him back onto the pyramid (in an effort to clear that hex) - whereupon the pyramid unfortunately falls apart.  Odval and Wedth end up hugging the slope in 2908.

Batath jumps in front of Palt and uses his body as a shield to take attacks from the kobalds - Batath doesn't have enough move to attack.

Meanwhile, dwarves swarm up the stairs (Ahmet is applying a salve).

(sure looks messy)

The kobalds attack back:

Before the kobalds attack.

Eight kobald bowmen unleash their arrows straight at Andrej - the two on the stairs at point blank range.  And this is freaky - ALL miss.  (die rolls 11, 3, 4, 3, 10, 11, 4, 10).

The one kobald on the roof that Lukas can see, whose compatriot Lukas killed with two darts, shoots at the mage:  he hits, causing 1 damage with a small kobald arrow.

The bowmen on the stairs, and elsewhere, move back.  The one on the hut leaps off.

The single kobald in 3309 attacks Warth, missing.

The kobalds in 3208 and 3109 attack Ermeth.  The latter rolls a natural 20, and delivers 4 points of damage.  This stuns Ermeth, causing him to stagger into Andrej's hex and thus foul the cleric.  The kobald moves to desperately hold the top of the stairs.  (fanatic, these kobalds)

Prior to that, however, Andrej is attacked by the orange jersey'd kobald in 3007 - who of course misses.

The last kobald in 3007 swings at Batath, missing.

That is the end of the round.  Andrej's will need to move out of the hex before he can attack - and it will cost 2 MP to enter 3106.  It will take only 1 MP to move into 3207 (number can't be seen).

Here is the present position:


Alexis said...

I should say that Andrej has the option to empty the hex - if he wants, he could simply push Ermeth out of his way ... but that could have unforeseen consequences.

Lukas said...

Lukas throws a dart at the kobold blocking the staircase. Bringing his seventh thrown dart into short range again...

d20: 17 (15+2)
d3: 3

Andrej said...

Will getting to 3006 cost 3 MPs? If so, that is what Andrej does.

Alexis said...

Lukas, it's a strange circumstance.

It will take you 2 MP to throw the dart; Frith, meanwhile, is attacking his way up the stairs, and gets three attacks on the kobald. Because of the dwarf's speed and level, he attacks three times in the space of Lukas throwing a dagger.

Surprisingly, Frith misses twice; his third attack and Lukas' dart both hit at the same time. Due to Lukas' dexterity, the dart hits first, and kills the kobald - but Frith's pick cleaves the body anyway.

C'est la vie.

Alexis said...


Every move into a hex adjacent to an enemy costs 2 MP - as my combat post back on the other blog detailed. It's assumed you're edging your way there while fighting. Thus, to get to 3006 will cost 4 MP.

Andrej said...

How many MPs then to nudge Ermeth specifically into hex 3207? I don't believe that's covered in the combat post.

Ahmet said...

I'm a little confused... I thought I applied the salve last round. Or am I still applying? (Or applying Salve #2?)

Alexis said...

Andrej, that kind of thing isn't covered because it has to be a case by case basis.

But generally I allow such moves to take just one move, in order to enable the party to attack as much as possible.

I hadn't thought of it, but yes, you can toss Ermeth into 3207 and attack this round.

Alexis said...


The combat post states that it takes full movement for both medicant and recipient for the healing salve, and that it must be ready at the start of the round.

Having it on your belt is not considered "ready"

So you pull off the healing salve, readying it, then move two towards Zoft (round one) then apply the salve and gain the additional points (round two).

You've been healed now. You can apply another salve (I'll nix the move penalty to get it ready, because I want you healed), or you can take some other action.

Andrej said...

I think you may have missed a tempo, Alexis, unless I misunderstand things. Ahemt moved toward Zoft in the comments section for round 13, received healing and applied a salve in the comments section for 14 and should now be free to declare an action in the comments section for round 15, yes?

Andrej tosses Ermeth into hex 3207 and attacks the checkered kobold in 3007.

to hit: 14
dmag: 7

Alexis said...

Yes, Andrej, that's what I meant to say; I deleted my first answer and fixed it.

Andrej said...

Never mind, I think we all agree now is the time for Ahmet to declare an action.

Alexis said...

Andrej misses.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Ouch, I think that means AC 3 or better... he's a good'n boys)

Ahmet said...

Ah, I get it now.

I'll apply Salve #2:

D4: 1

These things are defective!

Alexis said...

wait, wait, wait, the DM's an idiot.

Must pound into head that Andrej is 4th level.

My apologies. That does hit AC 5.

The kobald takes the 7 damage and is stunned, but not dead. He's a tough one.

Andrej said...

(OOC: No worries, Alexis, lord knows I've done it in my games)

Alexis said...

It will kick him back to hex 3006.

Alexis said...

(OOC: I believe that's everyone's move for this round. Unfortunately, I'm done for the day. We'll pick this up tomorrow)

Alexis said...

(OOC: The next round is posted)