Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Otyugh Round 7: The Creature Stunned!

Lukas' dart lands for 4 damage, and Ahmet then hits for 10 more, sinking his sword into the creature's tongue and mouth.  This has an astounding effect on the creature, which swings to its left, towards Andrej and Nerga, clearly in great pain and in part stunned.

Seth attacks, missing.  Mega finishes Kushi's bandage.  Erdina finds Salth and begins binding up his wound, as Mega did before.

Batath reaches the bottom of the slope.  Warth tells the men on the top of the slope to take one last shot with slings.  Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf do so - all miss.

Ganzor moves left; Odval follows him.  All others hold their places.

The creature gets only one attack this round.  It swings at Ahmet with its one tentacle as it sweeps to its right, missing.  Seth alone takes incidental damage: 2 points, not enough to stun him.

This round.

Andrej can attack.  Joost and Ahmet must move, and in moving, won't be close enough to attack this round - either can throw a weapon if they have one. 

Klaas can fire his heavy crossbow this round.  Lukas can take action also.


Lukas said...

Lukas throws one dart and backs off into the darkness one step back...

Klaas takes his place and fires.

D20: 2 (1+1)
D3: 2

D20: 16
2D6+2: 13 (6, 5, +2)

Do I get XP for friendly fire?

Alexis said...

Yes. Joost must be a magnet; Lukas hits him in the back with a dart for 2 damage.

Alexis said...


Could you please roll 2d6 for Joost's morale? Joost is stunned.

Andrej said...

Andrej takes a mighty swing with his mace:

to hit: 11
dmg: 8

Alexis said...

That will miss, Andrej.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I figured)

Ahmet said...

2d6 for Joost: 5

Ahmet said...

Unless I can take a swing at the tentacle, Ahmet will stand his ground -- don't want to move into the water.

Ahmet said...

Actually, I might as well go to 1315, just in case we wind up having to shift again.

Alexis said...

That's everyone. I'll try to get the next post up post haste.