Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Otyugh Round 6: One Less Lantern

Ahmet hits, causes 8 damage - which does not stun the beast.  Andrej moves forward into 2 feet of sludgy water, and Lukas' dagger misses the creature and disappears under the surface of the pond.

Ermeth and Palt shows signs of wanting to be involved, but they dutifully hold their positions.  Mega rushes to Kushi's side and begins binding his wound, so that he won't bleed a single hit point.  Aruth swings at the creature and misses.

Frith moves to his left to back up Aruth, while Odval screams at Balther for being such an idiot, moving behind Joost.  Erdina reaches the bottom.  Salth holds his position and Seth pulls Ganzor back to safety, while leaping into his place - he hasn't enough move left to attack.

Nerga moves to 1717, and Balther stands fast.  Batath starts down the slope, and Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf let go with slings.  Htuya and Culf both hit, and the beast takes damage; still not stunned.

Klaas is still loading.

Zoft shouts encouragement and Warth warns Lukas that in short order he will no longer be watching Lukas' back.

The creature attacks and misses Ahmet with its mouth; it hits Aruth and Salth with its tentacles (the latter right over Ahmet's head), causing 8 to Aruth and 12 to Salth.  Aruth takes the hit in the chest and falls back with a cry.  Salth's chest is cut open below the collar bone by a tooth on the tentacle and Salth falls into the muck.  The lantern he's carrying snuffs out, and Salth disappears into the darkness.

Balther sees his brother fall and screams - Nerga shouts at him to stay where he goddamn is.

Meanwhile, the creature does not move.  Aruth and Ahmet both take incidental damage from the creature's bulk this round, 2 to Aruth and 3 to Ahmet.

This round:

Ahmet, Lukas and Joost can still attack; Klaas is still loading.

Andrej, it is up to you if you want to wade into 1516, but at the moment you still can't reach the creature.  You have no forward momentum, due to the increasing depth of the water/sludge.  If you dare to move into 1516, and it is no more than 4 feet deep, then you may be able to attack; but you'll have to let me know.


Lukas said...

Lukas informs Klaas he should face backwards while reloading, and that he will warn if it approaches. (Not that Klaas will see much, but better than nothing)

Lukas then throws another dart at the beast and draws two more.

4 thrown, 2 in hand, 0 in belt, 18 in quiver.

D20: 21 (20+1)
D3: 2

Ooooh... maybe I got the BIG toe this time.

Alexis said...

That's a natural 20, Lukas, so you do double damage (4 total).

Please roll a d20 again, and let me know the result.

(GCI: All natural 20s cause double damage, unless you need a natural 19 or 20 to hit. If you needed a 20 to hit, but you could do it with a natural 18+2 bonus, it would still be double damage)

Andrej said...

"Seth! Ahmet! Shift left so I may attack! Joost, into my place!"

Andrej shouts the above and awaits his opportunity to step into hex 1417

Ahmet said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, Alexis, but I think if I move to 1315 I won't be able to attack this round. It would cost 1 MP to break off combat and 2 MP to move through the muck.

So I'll ignore Andrej and attack.

To hit: 15
Damage: 10

What about Joost -- if he moves into 1517, once it is vacated by Andrej, can he still attack this round? He has 3 MP.

Alexis said...

Ahmet, you're correct on the movement/not attacking assumption.

Joost can't move and still attack; he can, however, still attack hex 1516 from his present position

Ahmet said...

OK, Joost will swing away also.

To hit: 17
Damage: 4

Lukas said...

D20: 19 (18+1)

Alexis said...

Thank you all. I'll start on the next post.

Was there something else, Andrej?

Ahmet said...

Andrej, perhaps you should back up -- better to be out of tentacle range.

Andrej said...

Andrej is done.