Thursday, March 15, 2012

Otyugh Round 4: Good Damage Done

Frith shouts back at Ahmet that HE'S watching the entrance, and that Ahmet should watch the creature.  Mega takes no action (stunned), Palt holds his place, and Ermeth - in frustration, no doubt - watches the tunnel at the top of the map.

Aruth tests the water in front of him (1416) and announces that it's 3 feet deep.  Kushi holds his place, at the ready.  Salth approaches one hex nearer, lighting up more of the pond.

Ganzor moves forward and attacks.  He hits - to his own surprise, as Andrej hears him laugh about it - and causes 5 damage.

Seth touches the bottom of the slop and Nerga uses his momentum to move from 1219 to 1419.  At the same time, Balther takes a remarkable risk - holding the lantern, he proceeds to slide down the slope to 1519.  Balther makes his dex-check, remains upright and does not drop the lantern.  A large portion of the tunnel ahead lights up - but it plunges Warth and Lukas into darkness!  (course, they can still see - its not like they're blind)

Odval rapels down the slope.  Erdina, Batath, Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf all fire with slings: and they all miss.  Not too surprising ... the creature is a fairly high armor class.  At least this round there is no friendly fire.

The creature is now in full view; it hefts itself on the edge of the pool, and Ganzor is batted aside by its body; he's stunned, and falls onto the edge of 1417.  It bites at Andrej and hits, causing 5 damage.  A tentacle reaches out and hits Ahmet for 8 damage; another tentacle gives a glancing blow to Joost, causing 1 damage.  Neither is stunned.

The creature drags itself to 1416.  Aruth suffers 2 damage from being struck by the creature's body (not stunned).

This round: Ahmet must turn, and move through the muck in the opposite direction, so he hasn't enough move this round to do that and attack.  Salth alone has the momentum to move into 1316, and he's holding the torch. 

Joost can move to 1418 and attack if he so chooses.

Andrej is too far away to attack - he has no forward momentum.

Klaas backs to 1322 and starts loading the crossbow.

Lukas has a wide variety of possibilities open to him.


Lukas said...

Lukas steps forwards and throws another dart. He gives a congratulatory grin to Klaas should Lukas know the hit occurred.

D20: 19 (18+1)
D3: 2

2 darts thrown; 20 in quiver, 2 in belt remain.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet goes to 1316.

Joost goes to 1418 and attacks with his glaive.

To hit: 9

Damage: 4


Alexis said...

Well done. The dart does hit, striking the creature in its left toe. Not stunned.

Lukas said...

It may not be stunned, but it wont be 'walking' away from this fight. Maybe a slight 'ooh that hurts' limp as it chews on my skull.

Andrej said...

Sorry guys, got tied up. Andrej stays put, hoping the thing swings back around this way next round.

Alexis said...

Next round is up.