Friday, March 30, 2012

Kobalds Round 4: Warth Gains Ground

Beginning with the remaining events of the 3rd round:

Warth overbears, to force his way up the stairs.  He hits the kobald on the right and pushes back on the kobald on the left.  He does six damage, which kills it, but this isn't enough to let him move into the hex.  Thus he forces his way to the top.  Ahmet slides into place behind him. 

Erdina throws her axe at one of the goblins on the hut roof and misses. 

Salth and Balther form the bottom of a pyramid, and Aruth climbs atop it.  Wedth makes his way up next, and Lukas finds himself standing next to Wedth.  Andrej is beside Nerga.  Klaas does not come further into the room (and we'll forget about him for awhile).

Batath throws his oil, throws it long, and it bounces onto something soft behind the wall and does not break.  He begins to climb the wall (he's a thief).

Frith organizes Kushi, Odval and Vala into another pyramid; Vala is quite quick and manages to get atop Odval's shoulders before the round ends.  Palt, Seth and Culf begin to organize themselves to make another pyramid.

Three of the kobalds who were on fire are dead; one still lives, and is batting out the fire off his arms and shoulders.  He's effectively stunned this round.

Kobald attack:

The kobald archers on the bottom wall are reloading; the kobalds climbing on the huts are loading.  The two kobald archers Warth could see last round (3008) fire at him (both miss).  Warth is also attacked by four kobalds; he determines that the kobald in the white-and-red jersey is certainly tougher and more capable than the others.  Warth is hit once by him, and also hit with a natural 20 by the right kobald in 2810.  Warth takes 4 damage, then 6 more ... Warth is not stunned.

The kobald in 2811 hurls a small dagger at Ahmet - and succeeds in hitting AC 1.  The dagger causes 3 damage.

Round Four begins:

Andrej and Lukas, the only part of the room you can see from the stair side is the hut, the kobalds on top of the hut, and the slope in front of you.  Your line of sight doesn't even let you see Ahmet.  Your actions are whatever you decide.
Ahmet, you're not close enough to swing and hit the kobald in 2811.  Warth is keeping the top of the stairs open, but you can't move to 2710 and attack 2811, because you'd be in the same hex with Warth.  You can climb and get into hex 2611, but you won't be able to attack this round because of your movement (you have to go 2710, then 2611, 2 movement points) - but doing so, you can force the fellow in 2610 to fight you instead of Warth (if you want).  Obviously, you can do whatever else you think appropriate - I only want to describe the limitations to the best of my ability.

Everyone, ask questions as necessary.


Alexis said...

(OOC: I may not be able to manage another round today; things wrapping up this week are keeping me busy. I'll do what I can)

Ahmet said...

Warth is getting too much attention, and I don't want to clog up the stairs.

So I will spend 2 MP moving to 2611, draw my scimitar, and insult the fellow in 2610 on his fashion sense.

Ahmet said...

And I do so.

Andrej said...

How far away are the kobolds on the roof (I count 20-25' feet) and what penalties exist if I intend to light them up with a flask of flaming oil? I have a +1 to hit and a +3 chance to break grenade-like weapons.

With one already in my hand at the ready, can I light it and toss it with 3 movement points?

Alexis said...

At the distance they are, Andrej is -2 to hit. Because you stated you prepared the flame, I assume you've been carrying it - so yes, you can light the oil and throw it this round.

Andrej said...

Yes, torch in left hand and flask in the right. Lit and thrown:

D20: 5 (+1) = 6

(Sorry Ahmet and Warth... I hope that bounces the other way)

Andrej said...

I should have written it as: 7 (-2 +1) = 6.

I took the minus two off the role but not the bonus.

Lukas said...

Question 1: Push states it has less of an effect on bigger than medium targets, but nothing on small targets. Would I have a greater effect on these kobolds?

Question 2: I have to get to the top of those stairs to get line of sight on that mass of kobolds up there right? Except maybe if I got up on the ramp at the bottom... 40 feet is very far in this map actually.

I can only see the archers on the bottom and the guys on the top of the hut yes? I will start casting sleep.

Alexis said...


Yes regarding push. The push spell will have TWICE as much effect upon these kobalds than it would have upon humans. Twice as much because, while the kobalds are 35 lb. in bio-weight, they are carrying just enough weight to move them into the 37.5 to 75 lb. range. 75 lbs to 225 lbs, the spell operates normally; it is half as effective at 226 to 375 lbs; a quarter as effective at 376 to 750 lbs ... and so on. Clear as mud?

The push is a linear line from your body - so if you point the push upwards, it will go upwards into the ceiling ... it won't curve to the shape of the slope. So you can only push along your line of sight.

Your question of what you can see is accurate.

Alexis said...


You do miss. It hits in the corner between the hut and the wall, in hex 2911. I need to know if the item breaks - you need to roll a d20 for saving throw. You're +3 modifier is technically a -3 modifier to a d20 ... so roll d20 minus 3.

Alexis said...

No worries, I'll roll to save time. The flask breaks, and it is close enough to cause a splash. Unfortunately, none on the kobalds, but ... well, that's shown on the next post.