Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kobalds Round 2: Winning Initiative

The dwarves finish their move; Warth could climb the stairs, but he chooses to wait until Ermeth (who passes Ahmet just after the latter lets go his dagger) can back him up.  Frith holds up, likewise, so that he and Odval can throw their oil flasks together.

The remaining dwarves and characters flush into the room, splitting as they do, getting as many in as possible.  The double round is a lucky break - the party does go again at this time.

This round:

Ahmet - you'll find both Ermeth and Warth in your way, regarding climbing the stairs and attacking hand to hand this round - both will be climbing, with Warth attempting to clear the way.

Lukas and Andrej are moving forward with the remaining dwarves; remember, double speed isn't possible in the tight tunnel with so many dwarves and that double 60-degree turn.

I just await Ahmet's move, and we can move forward to the kobalds attacking.

(how do the new weapon images look?  I'm slowly replacing the picks in the dwarves' hands, and I think Andrej's maces look pretty good - though I remember he isn't holding them just now)


Andrej said...

(OOC: I noticed the new maces and the axes. Vedy nice.

I want you all to know that if my rolls aren't good enough to be a Paladin for my fanatical henchman I'll be hoping for a dwarven assasin instead.)

Ahmet said...

(I think you killed the wrong Kobold, if the one in 2611 is my handiwork. I had thrown at the Kobold in 2515. But it makes no difference to me.)

Assuming Warth is going to climb the stairs (to 2311) and Ermeth is going to occupy 2312, Ahmet moves to 2813 (1 MP), draws the second of his three daggers (0 MP) and throws it at a Kobold in 2611 (2 MP). The left Kobold if he's still there, the right if not.

D20: 15 (-1, so 14)
D4: 2 (+1)

Ahmet said...

I rolled a 2, so that should be a 3.

Lukas said...

(OOC: Your discrimination against my darts is noted ;) But the rest are great.)

Lukas moves forwards as space is made available. I'd like to verify hex distance real quick, how many feet per hex?

Alexis said...

I did kill the wrong kobald.

We better take it as is, however; a 14 doesn't hit the kobald at 2515, as the wall provides that kobald with 50% cover. Let's call it a happy accident ... though I can rewind time if you'd prefer it that way. I will try to be less distracted.

Ahmet, you hit the other kobald in 2611 also. It drops and disappears from sight.

(OOC: Lukas - I've been trying to figure out how to draw a dart, and still make it visible)

There are 5 feet per hex.

Lukas said...

(OOC: Rays of godly might will suffice. With my gear in my hands changing all the time, I don't really mind at all, though my concern would be making the dart not look like a dagger.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I can't wait to see some flaming kobolds!)