Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kobalds Round 1: Entering the room

A few notes:

Ahmet moves slower than the dwarves, thus the space between Warth and Ahmet.  (Palt should have an axe in his hand; picture error has it laying on the floor in the hallway - I'll fix that for the next image)

Unlike the previous combat, the limitation on what can be seen here is line-of-sight; the kobalds have the room lit by torches, so everything is clearly visible.

The hexes have been color coded for "elevation"; blue hexes, those the party are on, can be considered elevation zero.  The orange hexes are 12 feet higher than the blue hexes.  Gray hexes represent the 70-degree slope.   Keep in mind that while Warth and Frith can see the stairs, Ahmet, Palt and the others cannot.

The round object in hex 2911 is the corner of a hut that can be seen.  The stairs lead up.  There are two kobalds with swords on the ledge at the top of the stairs.

The line of hexes on the bottom of the room are the battlement; the triple line represents a two-foot high stone wall, which conceals a large proportion of the kobalds.  Remember that throwing anything at the kobalds adds distance for height, so close range for a flask of oil are hexes 2513 through 2915.

The kobalds ARE surprised.  So all I need at this time is Ahmet's action, since the other party members can't be involved.  Ahmet, assume that Warth doesn't seem overly terrified by what's behind the slope (which Ahmet can't see).  Ahmet can move double-speed - in which case each hex only costs 1/2 movement point ... but at double-speed, Ahmet CAN'T make more than 1 sixty degree turn per round.  Also, try not to end in a hex where someone else is going to be.


Ahmet said...

Ah, a good old fashioned battle royale! I love it.

What's the range on a thrown dagger?

Alexis said...

1-2 hexes point blank; 3-6 hexes close range; 7-10 hexes medium range; 11-14 hexes long range.

+1 to hit point blank; -2 to hit at medium range; -5 to hit at long.

Ahmet said...

So I could really nail Warth! :)

Can I use 1/2 MP to advance to 3013, another 1/2 MP to advance to 2913, and then my final 2 MP to throw my dagger at either 2611 or 2515? Or do I have to wait for Warth to vacate 2913?

Andrej said...

Andrej will just be moving forward as he is able each round.

Lukas said...

As will Lukas.

Lukas said...

Actually, Lukas moves forwards as he is able. He does not have any wills dictating his actions.

Alexis said...

Warth will vacate that hex; so Ahmet is free to take that action. Throw dagger and do damage. Identify which target hex, and which kobald (left/right).

Ahmet said...

I'll target the kobold on the left in 2515.

Forgive me, it's been awhile since I've thrown a dagger...

Do I use my STR bonus to hit/damage, or no?

Do I get a +1 to hit because they're in the same hex?

Alexis said...

1) No strength bonus to missile weapons; and Ahmet's dex doesn't give him bonuses either.

2) Drawing your attention to my earlier clarification; there are no bonuses to hit two kobalds in the same hex, because of their size, and two kobalds can fight out of the same hex, though two dwarves or humans cannot.

dagger does d4 for damage.

Ahmet said...


D20: 14
D4: 3

Ahmet does +1 damage with a thrown weapon, so... 4.

Alexis said...

Ahmet is -1 to hit due to height (attacking up is -1, attacking down is +1) ... but it still hits. The kobald on the left drops and lands out of sight.

Alexis said...


The party has now had one free round of action. The dwarves move forward and I will post the image of what things look like after Ahmet throws his dagger.


The first side to go in the next round of action depends upon who wins initiative.

Yes, the party got a surprise round, but that does not guarantee they will be the first to attack in round 2.

At this time, I would like to have someone roll a d6. Ahmet is involved, so he has enough involvement for the moment - if Lukas is out there, please roll a d6 for initiative. If Lukas wins the roll, the party takes action AGAIN. If Lukas loses the roll, the kobalds rally and attack first.

Either way, I will publish the 2nd round in a new thread. If the party goes first, we'll have the party respond in the comments. If the kobalds go first, I will describe their actions IN THE POST, with changes to their positions if need be, and then the party will again operate in the comments.

I know I'm being pedantic; I am attempting to ensure clarity in the following proceedings.

Lukas, a d6 please.

Lukas said...

I hope high is good.
d6: 6

Alexis said...

The party wins initiative. Give me until 11:15-30 Pacific