Monday, January 9, 2012

A Hard, Busy Road to Lingen

Monday, September 1, 1650

Weather: cool in the morning, ranging to pleasant and even warm in the afternoon, when a full sunny day emerges.  The evening is pleasant also, and there is no rainfall throughout the day.

Despite the beautiful weather - and it feels good on your bodies to have a really nice day - you are all tired from the boat ride and from not having slept in a real bed for a week.  Each of you suffers 1 point of damage (note, the NPCs also, but not the animals) from the journey.

The road to Lingen from Meppen is no less crowded with carts and wagons, forcing the party to stand to the side of the road again and again as caravans roll past.  Thus, although Lingen is only 9 miles south of Meppen, it takes you nearly all day to reach the former town - a fair sized burgh of about 2,500 residents.  You're grateful to find, however, that the town itself is nearly empty ... a few words with the guards reveals that the day promising to be so pleasant, the local priests encouraged everyone to take advantage to get their produce to market.  Thus, there isn't a wagon to be found in town ... but there are inn rooms available.  You may address the prices table from Leer for the amount; there's nothing else to buy in Lingen at the moment, as the town market has evaporated, and Lingen itself does not have a trading market.


James C. said...

Andrej secures an inn room for he and Emmanuel. I recommend we take a day here to rest and enjoy the inn before making our way further south.

Alexis, can we retroactively apply Andrej's healing over the last few days (from now back to Friday)?

Either way, if the party will tell me their respective hit point totals and maximum's we can get everybody at least a little caught up.

Alexis said...


I have to be a bit of a jerk, and point out that your opportunity to indicate your healing on the boat and in Meppen has passed. Gotta think of these things in the right time, and that was on Friday. Live and learn.

However, you can heal on the trip to Lingen, if you wish - so you can take advantage of the one day.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Sorry, back in the Andrej account now)

Fair enough. I was hoping to give Silvius a chance to get caught up if necessary, I think the rest of us are close to full health. I'll await word from the rest of the party before I cast for Monday.

Andrej orders a whole roasted chicken for he and Emmanuel, along with some ale and bread.

Andrej said...

Additionally, Andrej will have 3 sets of clothes laundered between he and Emmanuel to include Emmanuel's adventurer's garb, Andrej's cleric's attire as well as his chauses and hauberk. We each have spare clothing to use in the interim for modesty's sake.

Add in a hot bath and a shave for us both and we'll be feeling quite human, or nearly half so in Andrej's case, by the time Tuesday is upon us.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Yes, I know these travel posts have their limited appeal - if I'm not having something leap out of the bushes at you, it's hard to keep the momentum going. Ahmet and Nine-toes, please throw your two cents in, and we'll move on.

Regarding Silvius; I've sent email and received no word back from him. I have no idea if he's still in the game; we'll have to consider the possibility that he's gone for reasons that aren't clear - a computer failure, injury, change of circumstance, whatever it may be. I wish I had some kind of word: Silvius, if you're out there, I think we all hope you're okay. I'll continue sending emails, hoping they won't fail to reach him over the next couple of weeks)

Ahmet said...

Agreed... we spend a day resting in the comfort of the inn. Ahmet can regain the 1 HP he lost (he's at 26 out of a possible 27, so no further healing necessary, Andrej).

Out of curiosity, Ahmet asks around about local legends and lore. Any monsters that need slaying or maidens that need rescuing -- or vice versa?

Alexis said...

I have given a number of clues along those lines already: the large beasts known to roam the forests, which even Andrej has once seen; the spartan and isolated existence of Papenburg, which you passed, whose road is incidentally not used for passage, evident from Papenburg having no commercial dock; and the Morlocks I described occupying caves in the forest to the southeast of where you are presently.

All these lands which are marked in brown hexes on the map are forests like Ohio or Vermont or Minnesota used to have - and all have thieves, bandits and lairs, if you are prepared to suffer the brambles and injuries that come with staggering around in the woods.

But alas, I cannot provide you with a map. Why would a secret lair draw maps of itself?

Alexis said...

On a more mundane note, I am always confused by the dialogue about time; Andrej mentioned being okay by Tuesday, and Ahmet suggests a day of rest ... but the party has arrived after the whole day walking along the busy road, Monday.

Does a 'days rest' mean the night before Tuesday morning, or does it mean not going anywhere Tuesday, and leaving Wednesday? Color the DM unclear.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Your clues about the beasts in the forest, the deep goblin caves, etc. is what gave me the idea; I'm just wondering if there's any "breaking news"... like, "Farmer Jones lost another two calves yesterday. You could hear their screams all the way from the village as they were dragged off by that (long pause, nervous swallow) THING.")

Ahmet said...

My fault.

We can sleep Monday night in a comfortable bed and be back on the road Tuesday morning. We won't recover our lost HP, but we won't take any damage either.

Or we can waste Tuesday laying about, recover our 1 HP, and hit the road again Wednesday.

I'm for Option A.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Farmer Jones and half the town left for Meppen Monday morning. And yes, I know what you want. I'm just not bored enough yet to have a townsperson walking down the street with a clapboard that says on it, "Plunder a Lair - Ask Me How!" I hope you don't mind)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Understood. However, I will keep an eye out for such clapboards in the future. Thanks!)

Andrej said...

(OOC: sorry guys, busy day)

I recommended taking a day to rest, so meant to stay through Tuesday, unless you guys want to get rolling. I was hoping by now to hear from Silvius and Ninetoes so we could all agree. Andrej feeling more human by tuesday was more a statement on having a real room and a bath since leaving Engelke.

Lacking that, there's nothing to say we can't brave the wilderness here a bit Ahmet if you want to see if we can muster up a bit of action. Whatever awaits us in Munster can be put off. I know I told the leader of the pilgrimage we were in a rush, but that's just because I had no desire to babysit a bunch of bald pilgrims on their way to France.

We could make way toward Teutoburger Wald and see about those moorlocks...

Ahmet said...

Alright, so a lazy Tuesday and then on the road Wednesday.

I'd love some action, but let's see what Ninetoes and Silvius (I'm still hoping) have to say...

Ahmet said...

(OOC: As if the Devereaux/Watchmen/Pirates tripleheader wasn't action enough... but while that just happened in game time, it was a long time ago in real time! Hulk want to smash!)

Andrej said...

Ok, so between casting Monday and resting Tuesday Andrej is back to full. He'll cast Aid on each of Nine-toes and Silvius and the last CLW for the man-at arms that was originally negative (Joost). HPs from cures as follows:

Andrej: 5 hp
Silvius: 9 hp
Ninetoes: 7 hp
Joost: 6 hp

Alexis & Ahmet, if you guys are amenable I say we keep moving on and hope Silvius is OK and Ninetoes not too busy later in the week.

Wednesday morning, party packs up thier things and heads south to Rheine via road. Maybe hulk can smash something along the way. :)

Alexis said...

(OOC: Because I want to get the Hulk in front of something, and move it along myself, I propose to move the party towards Munster until such a time as they suffer another point of damage from being on the road, or a rolled encounter comes up. If I can get Ahmet and Andrej to agree with this, I will move on. Nine-toes now seems AWOL, and Silvius of course doubly so.

If I get that agreement from you two this morning, and if Nine-toes doesn't chime in with a protest, I'll write the next post this afternoon. I'm a bit harried for time in the next couple hours)

Andrej said...


Ahmet said...