Monday, January 30, 2012

A Show of Force

Friday, September 5, 1650, Early Afternoon
Weather: With pleasant temperatures and clear conditions, with a moderate breeze.

It's cool again in the morning when the party awakes, and the palast floor somewhat cold to walk on as you settle down to a breakfast of floating poached eggs in fish soup and large loaves of rye bread, served with a pitcher of spiced oil.  Eberhardt is awake - there's reason to think that he hasn't been asleep all night.  Upon a table in the central court (where you take your breakfast), there are hundreds of pictures kept in leather bound books, and one in particular that's been laid out - three feet by two feet:

Eberhardt is not able to be questioned, as he's working hard in the study and the scribe balks any attempts to speak with him.  But as it happens, your breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of Her Ladyship Amalia von Nassau-Dillenburg - which initiates a screaming match between her (doing all the screaming) and Eberhardt (who can be heard first mumbling, then thundering).

The jist of this interaction is Eberhardt's decision to postpone the marriage until such a time as the immediate problems he is attempting to sort out are solved; Her Ladyship seems bent on calling him every name in the book, including  a number which a tavern wench would blush to use.  Eberhardt quite clearly disagrees, but Her Ladyship seems unperturbed by his maleness, the quibbling things he finds are important and the general demeanor of "the man she has assented to take on as her adopted son-in-law."

It appears at first that the argument ends with no victors.  But a few minutes after Her Ladyship leaves, a servant comes forward to inform Andrej that the tailors are here, and that he is to present himself to be outfitted for his vestments.

The remainder of you are left to your own devices as the afternoon begins.


Franz said...

[can we resolve the last conflict from the prior thread?]

Andrej said...

Andrej flashes his friends a look in the wake of the lady's going, as if to say "that was interesting".

Having no stomach for such conflict he willingly surrenders himself to the tailors, but not before directing Emmanuel to see Franz about retrieving his horse.

Alexis said...

(OOC: which conflict is that?)

Franz said...

(comment #201 on the Apple post)

Alexis said...

(OOC: ah, I see it. My answer is on the previous thread)

Jeremiah said...

Ninetoes sees if anyone wants a game of chess after breakfast.

(OOC - I'm out for the afternoon. Ultrasound!)

Ahmet said...

Ahmet gives a quizzical look after being approached by Franz.

"Ah, you're that guardsman who threw the dagger, right?" Ahmet was busy gathering the equipment during the introductions and either didn't hear or didn't care to catch them.

"I'm sure Herr Hornung will compensate you appropriately, but he awarded this gear as spoils of war to our party."

Franz said...

(OOC: Alexis, I am posting my response here, ‘cause I don’t want it to be missed.

Here’s my take:

While I am trying to play this “in character,” I freely admit this IS meta-gaming on my part. It’s not that I’m a greedy bastard who wants all the loot…the fact of the matter is I’m a first level character playing ‘catch-up’ in the campaign. I’ve got 11 hit points (down to 6, by the way *not* 4), and I’m wearing leather armor. Ahmet is loaded for bear and I’m just getting started…wouldn’t it behoove my character’s survivability to get some magic leather armor? Wouldn’t that be useful to the party in general?

As my character DID have a large part in keeping the miscreant from escaping (yes, with a LUCKY dagger throw, but still…) I don’t think I’m out-of-bounds for asking for a piece of the take, rather than let the fighter pile it in his cart. Franz could have held his dagger and let the guy outrun the Turk, but I was, in fact, attempting to ‘get on the same team’ with the party members and participate.

Look, I was pretty pissed that nothing was even offered to my character…that probably came through in my “like hell” remark. But I think I was pretty justified in my anger. Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a “dues paying period” before my character got to put a claim to anything. If that’s the current party agreement, then clue me in on it so I know to bite my tongue for the requisite two weeks or whatever!

Otherwise, throw the new guy a bone.

From my point of view, I’m not the “greedy-two-shoes” here…forgive me if I was trying to assert myself. And with in-character justification! If my character had done NOTHING in the encounter except 'show up,' I wouldn't make a stink at all.)

(OOC: @ Jeremiah/9toes:

Good luck, man!)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: My feeling is you have to join the party first...

Ahmet attempts to rest for a 24-hour period in order to regain some lost HPs, if that's possible.)

Franz said...

(ooc: @Ahmet:

Huh. Then I guess I should have waited to help you guys until AFTER I'd 'joined the party.'

Well, now I know.)

Franz simply nods his head at the Turk; he's had dealings with Ottomans in the past.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Please do not imply that because I missed one comment, I'm going to miss others. I deal with literally thousands of comments on this blog, and it isn't likely that I'm going to "miss" another.

Let me make something very, very clear. I stated in my post asking for players for someone who was familiar with the campaign. JB, you have demonstrated again and again that you are not. You have asked questions which were clearly answered on earlier posts, which clearly you did not feel you needed to read. And you've clearly never read previous posts where the subject of "playing a character" was clearly indicated as second-in-importance to playing the game.

I would like to know, why is it that every player who argues "I am trying to play this 'in character'" inevitably plays a character who is a totally selfish git? Why is it that the attribute 'played' is never consideration, respect, kindness, patience, generosity or humility?

I told you - it isn't up to me. It is up to the other players. I will run my NPC's reactions to your character playing as accurately as I can. I can tell you honestly that Eberhardt Hornung is a 13th level paladin, of noble blood, and with a history of being a murderous killer - which you would know if you'd read the past campaign - and yet for some stupid fucked up reason you thought to get between him and some order he had given. I mean, seriously? For what purpose? To be 'in character?' From the point of view of a noble lord, there's no reason whatsoever to let you live after a thing like that. Yet literally seconds later you're pushing around a group of tough looking 2nd and 3rd levels, when you're at half your hit points, over WHAT? Do you think that the sabre and the armor and the other stuff were earned from one encounter? These guys have been here, in this campaign, playing for MONTHS. They've worked hard to make this one encounter happen? What the fuck have you done?

The thing with guys like you, JB, arguing as you have now, is that you don't see the forest for your greed. ME ME ME ME ME ME is all I've heard from you from the very second you started running. You ignored Othar, ignored the other party members, bossed everyone around, insisted that I spend my time answering questions that aren't relevant to the campaign, pushed me to answer questions that are a matter of record on this blog, on my other blog, and on my wiki, and now you've hijacked TWO threads just to have your freaking way and to justify yourself while you're at it.

Why did you want to play in this campaign? Did you not think that entering cautiously and patiently until you got the swing of the game before acting like a tit was maybe a better strategy? Because it fucking was.

Now, let's have this clear. It's difficult to ask a person sitting in your living room to leave your game. But it is very, very easy to do this to someone online. So keep that in mind when you answer this question.

Why should I continue to have you playing in my world?

And please note - the players won't want to put themselves out there (who can blame them) so if none of them rushes forward to defend you, that might just give you an idea of the first impression you've managed to make.

Answer carefully)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Look J.B., in my view there's a pretty good shot you would have gotten the armor anyway. I certainly had no designs on it and as you point out, Ahmet is already well-armed. Ninetoes can't even wear it. But there's a right way and a wrong way to go about these things. showing up and throwing one dagger then laying claim to the choicest treasure avaialable is the worng way.

Hell, we buy or give chainmail to the hirelings, don't you think we'd take some care of the PCs? You need to extend to us at least as much trust as we extend to you in letting you play.

I've been running in Alexis's game the longest so far and I have yet to get a single magic item that I've laid claim to as my own. I say this not as a complaint but as an illustration of how this party has gotten on so far.

We've got a set of magical keys we haven't sorted out yet and a magical keg that we seem to have decided to share. We've also now got some magical leather armor the assassin probably would have gotten if he'd just spent some time rolling with it an ingratiating himself a bit with the guys who have been here. we're not going to haze you or ask you to carry our bags, but a little bit of respect for the guys that have kept this thing chugging along the whole while would have gone a long way.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Jeremiah, best of luck. Enjoy these visits.)

Franz said...

(@ Alexis:

I will post my reply on the prior thread so as not to distract anymore from the events of this post. I did not mean to imply you did not read your comments...clearly, you receive email updates as I do on my own blog. But I wanted to make sure the issue was open to all...I'm not trying to hide my thoughts and didn't want the conversation buried on the bottom of a 200+ post thread.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Very. As hundreds of posts and thousands of comments in those posts over several years will attest. But you just keep lurking and twisting your panties up in a bunch over it in between your blog posts about not having blog posts and what a dickhead Alexis must be.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed DRANCE the purpose of this blog is to play a game, not field comments. If you're not playing it (and you're not, in case there's some doubt) please show a minimum amount of respect to those who are by not posting. You're ruining the game when you do. You. Are. Ruining. Our. Game.

Three years off and on we've been doing this and not one person has ever come here, despite Alexis's penchant for attracting attention, to ruin the game by posting a comment to a game blog. Not a single one. It's actually somewhat amazing the internet world has been this polite and cool. Congratulations DRANCE. You're one of a kind pal. Unreal.

In or out, I don't care, I hope we get this back on track tomorrow.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Sorry Andrej - I just removed his stupid comment)

Nine-toes said...

(OOC - I hope we can get this back on track, too. Seems I spend a lot of time here agreeing with James/Andrej. I try to contribute where I can, but I often feel he's stated things better than I can.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: It must have been that Vulcan mind meld...)

Andrej said...

(OOC: No worries Alexis)

Alexis said...

(OOC: classic. I'm getting some pressure from real life, and its slowing down this reboot. I think I'm going to leave this post as is, and start a new post, with events in the afternoon, and keep going from there. So look for my getting another post up as soon as I can extract myself.

Nine-toes said...

Alexis, since things have not moved forward any at the moment, I have one addition to Ninetoes' morning activities: He checks on Fatima some time when Klaas guards her (sometime he is quite sure Ahmet is someplace else).

"My lady, I just wanted to ensure all was well with you. Forgive my impudence in asking after your health. I only want to reassure you that your cousin and Elder Brother and I will do all in our power to keep you safe from the nefarious men who abducted you."

Andrej said...

(OOC: Also no worries. I don't even see an issue at all with leaving things having played just as they did and Franz just sort of fading out after his activity in the campaign.)

Alexis said...


I will assume Ahmet doesn't know about this visit.

It is a bit odd; at first, she seems angry. She stands up and turns her back on you, so you find you have to say what you've said to her back. She gives no response. But then, as you turn to go, with her having given you the impression that she would rather have you crawl into a hole and die, she says, "Wait."

She turns, eyes down, face covered ... and presses into your hands a small silk cloth, something that would be used to tie around a length of hair. "Do not show it to my brother," she says.

Nine-toes said...

"My thanks, my lady. I am ever your servant."

After leaving Ninetoes conceals the cloth, takes it back to his room. Does he know anything about what it may signify?

Alexis said...

The touch of her fingers upon your hand for the briefest of moments expresses more than the cloth itself; there is clearly something in her heart for you - it that something may make her hate you as much as feel otherwise, as you realize upon going away, reflecting upon her first reaction.

Nine-toes said...

He asks the servants if there is any needle and thread, a cloth about yay big (slightly larger than the curio Fatima gave him if it were folded lightly) and someone in the househould who can sew.

Alexis said...

The chambermaid in the upstairs can manage whatever you wish in that regard. She has a bit of linen that might serve for the use you desire. Describe what you want, and assume it will be going on as Eberhardt talks to you and Ahmet.

This latter is happening on the next post I've added to the blog.

Andrej, I trust you'll read this. I will be creating a different thread for you in a bit of time.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Yessir)