Monday, January 16, 2012

Ahmet in Munster

Wednesday, September 3, 1650
Moon & weather unchanged

Ahmet & Andrej, with Fatima, are brought to the Palast der Hornung with Eberhardt and Serafina, and the coachmen are sent on to the inn to fetch Emmanuel, the men at arms and your gear.  The Palast is rather fabulous, with a high stone wall, a massive iron gate and a courtyard large enough for three tennis courts.  The gate is opened for the party and the coach delivers you before the main building - three stories, square in shape with many small windows ... some 60' wide and 40' high.  As is typical of German buildings, there is little facade, but the place is bigger than an inn and features a large iron entrance door, some five feet wide and nine feet high.

Eberhardt Hornung lays hands upon Fatima, and the scratches on her body heal and her bruises subside.  At this point Fatima is asked if she wishes to lay down, and Fatima expresses a desire to speak to her cousin Ahmet in person.  You're both shown to a large room on the second floor, and a dinner is sent up to you.

"My cousin," begins Fatima.  "I have come a long way to find you and tell you something.  I did not even know if I would find you ... I only knew that you had gone to Europe.  I enlisted an Imam to help me trace you down through the will of Allah.  When I was kidnapped in Genoa ..."  Here she breaks down, and finds it difficult to go on.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet sits there uncomfortably, unsure what to do. He decides to wait for this womanly weakness to pass, as it often will... eventually.

When she composes herself, Ahmet asks: "First tell me your message, before we speak of Genoa."

Alexis said...

"My brother Asif is dead," she'll answer. "He was killed ... he had found a rich vein of copper, and was with a group of workers exploiting it when the tunnel collapsed and killed them. But Ahemt ... Asif had grown rich, first."

Ahmet said...

Ahmet draws in a breath, surprised. Mining is a dangerous business, but still... death is never easy.

After a moment or two, he murmurs a prayer for his cousin Asif, then looks back up at Fatima.

"Asif was always unlucky," he says somberly. "It would be just like him to find wealth, but die before he could enjoy it."

He shakes his head, and sighs.

"But... why did you come all this way to tell me this?"

Alexis said...

"I cannot claim the inheritance," says Fatima. "I am a woman and the law does not allow me. But there are more than 10,000 gold pieces that will be lost if you do not come to claim it yourself."

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Am I the last cousin?)

Alexis said...

The last male cousin, yes.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet sighs. 10,000 gold pieces is a lot of money, but he's made quite a bit himself over the last two months, not to mention slain giant crabs and battled pirates and visited mushroom houses. He doesn't want to go home just yet!

He doesn't say any of that just yet, however.

"Then... what happened in Genoa?"

Alexis said...

"When the Imam and I found rooms after we'd gotten off the boat, we met a Frenchman in the inn. He was very nice, and spoke to both of us respectfully. But that night, he broke into our rooms with three men and killed the Imam; I was seized and taken away, and told I was to be sold to another man they called a 'collector.' Two of the men then brought me in a closed wagon along hard roads and through many towns. It has been a long time since I was free."

Ahmet said...

Ahmet frowns. This is quite a tale indeed.

"How long ago? And what was the name of this Frenchman?"

Alexis said...

She doesn't remember, and she is sick about it. She never had a good memory for names.

"We stayed for a long time in this one place," she said. "Day after day they fed me, but they never touched me or hurt me. But I knew I had to escape, and for a long time I worked at the brackets on the wagon until I could get one loose. I had just done so when I squirmed away and got through the door and found you!"

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I love having Alexis all to myself, even a sick Alexis.) :)

Ahmet is very relieved that his family's honor hasn't been stained. From his hazy understanding of his village's law, if his cousin had been raped, he'd have to track down the rapist... and force him to marry her.

"Let's finish our dinner and then talk to the others. They are looking for the men who kidnapped you. We will find them and punish them. Particularly this Frenchman."

He sits back and regards his cousin. "What other news of our village? How is..." he almost asks of the Imam's daughter, Sevim, but stops himself. "...everyone?"

Alexis said...

(OOC: Got distracted by sleep, and on my way to a dentist)

Fatima will frown. "Ahmet, I am safe. I am much more concerned that our dwindling family is not allowed to disappear. Instead of making plans of revenge, you must return and receive our money and our possession of the mine!"

She will pointedly ignore your question about things happening at home.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet sighs. "Fatima, I have my own concerns here. I must speak with my companions before I can make any decision regarding the mine. It will wait, yes? A year, two... copper does not spoil."

Naturally, there might be some legal requirement that Ahmet arrive by a certain date, but Ahmet isn't too keen on legal nuance.

Alexis said...

"But Ahmet," says she - "It must be before the 1st day of December next year! Or else the Bey has said that the mine and the inheritance shall go to the state!"

Ahmet said...

(OOC: OK, so 15 months from now. Even given the vagaries of 17th century travel -- and Ahmet's limited grasp of geography -- how long would it take him, ballpark, to reach his home village? A month? Six months? Or is it like, if we leave immediately we might just make it?

Hope your dentist was kind and gentle, and not the guy from Little Shop of Horrors...)

Alexis said...

Travel time, all things going well, probably six to ten weeks.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Got it.)

Ahmet raises his hand to silence her. "Cousin, I will not allow that to happen. But before I return to our village, I have business to attend to here. Now, let us finish our dinner and then rejoin our companions. Tell me what other news of our village..."

(OOC: Since I got to hog you yesterday, I'll leave today for Andrej and Ninetoes...)

Ahmet, more hungry for news from home than for dinner, proceeds to ask about every cousin, second cousin, nephew, niece, in-law, and co-worker... every recalcitrant donkey and one-eyed cat and hungry stray dog... every house and well and rock and tree.

When he's exhausted every possible topic, and they're done with dinner (and it's a suitable time game-wise), Ahmet and Fatima will rejoin Andrej and the others.

Nine-toes said...

(OOC - Wow, you've really outdone yourself Alexis (if that's possible), and I haven't even gotten to my own thread yet. Thanks for all your work.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: I'm medicated and somewhat fine. I'm going to be spending the day catching up, however)

Ahmet has no nephews or nieces, but Fatima will catch him up on everything else ... and tell him that Sevim's husband died fighting in Babylonia against the Safavids.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Glad everything worked out OK with your gum!)

Ahmet's face goes through about seven different emotions in reaction to the news about Sevim's husband. Finally, he settles on his usual scowl and then waves a dismissive hand. "No doubt the coward was struck down from behind while running away," he spits, even though he has no idea who she married.

Ahmet, as if to compare himself to the unknown dead man (or to boast to Sevim, even if she's not here), proceeds to tell Fatima about his brave deeds since leaving prison, from his exploits in the Balkans to his current adventures -- crab-slayer, ghost-whisperer, and pirate-battler!

Alexis said...

Fatima, true to her nature, is wholly unimpressed. "Why would you do something that stupid?" she asks when he describes attacking the crab, and gives a snobbish "You shouldn't EVER trust ghosts, Ahmet" when he describes having talked to one.

It is quite annoying.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet tries to come up with more impressive tales, such as the encounter with Devereaux and the murder of Viktor and the home of Herr Kiddpuddle. But in the end he just shrugs and goes back to eating. Who cares what a woman thinks anyway?

Alexis said...

(OOC: lol)

Alexis said...

I'll let Andrej's course run a little longer and bring Ahmet into it.