Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conflict Card Distribution

Here are the card groups for each player.  Take note that you can see copies of ALL the cards here, so if there's any you think you should have, or which you want to trade for (lie, beg, seduce or boast), let me know.

The pickings are lean for three of the characters because you fellas truly raped your interactive stats for strength, constitution and dexterity.  Just so you know.

Ahmet's Cards:

Andrej's Cards:

Nine-toes' Cards:

Silvius' Cards:


Andrej said...

Alexis, asked a question in the other thread about Nine-toes getting credit for 12+ damage on the crab trap. Also, Andrej jas a writ of passage for Calenburg.

(OOC: somewhat topical word verification - medicu: country cousins to the more infamous medici family of tuscany and florence.

Ahmet said...

These are neat!

Not sure if this should factor into it:

The character suffered a very bad love affair, and as such the character has an increased resistance against attempts by women to seduce him (+2).

Alexis said...

Andrej, consider the writ card to be added to your collection. Since there's already a copy there, I won't post it again.

Sorry Ahmet, doesn't get you a card.

Andrej said...

Thanks. Ironic that Andrej posesses a beauty card. I have long imagined him appearing much like the portrait I chose for him. Perhaps his is an inner beauty.

Ahmet said...

These are neat. If Ahmet ever winds up on the wrong end of a fireball spell, I'm coming back as Harold Hill!

Silvius Volundr said...

I was initiallt tempted to trade for the "boast" card, but I don't like the idea of surrendering my writ to use it. So I will "stand".

Nine-toes said...

Cool stuff. Appropriate that Andrej has the most cards, since he does a lot of the talking anyway.