Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starting New Characters

In starting a new character, players should begin by rolling their stats.  This corresponds closely with AD&D in my world.  For each stat, Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity and Charisma, roll 4d6 and discard the lowest die.  If it should happen that your dice totals do not include one roll that is 16 or better, plus one roll that is 15 or better, begin again at the beginning until you have two rolls that meet the standards previously expressed.

Having acquired six totals, feel free to arrange the dice according to your whims, in order to best obtain the character class you want.

Clerics require a 9 wisdom, but it is hardly worth playing a cleric without a 16 wisdom and at least a 16 strength OR constitution.  A 16 wisdom and a 16 strength, plus a 14 constitution (if you can manage it), will give you a good fighting cleric.  For the record, there already is a cleric in the party, so you may want to arrange with him (Andrej, played by James C.) regarding your religion.  I will talk to you about your religion if you should desire a cleric.

Druids require a 15 charisma and a 12 wisdom, but it is hardly worth playing a druid without at least a 16 wisdom and a 15 constitution.  Druids can't wear better than leather armor, so you will need the hit points.  The lack of a 16 or better strength can be compensated for with the shillelagh spell.  Druids, too, must choose a religion, but again this can be discussed if you choose a druid.

Fighters require a 9 strength, but it is hardly worth playing a fighter without at least a 17 strength plus a 15 constitution.  Dexterity is nice to have too.

Paladins require a 13 strength & wisdom, a 9 intelligence and a 17 charisma, but it is hardly worth playing a paladin without the strength and constitution of a good fighter.  Dexterity is also nice.

Rangers require a 14 strength & wisdom and a 13 constitution & intelligence.  Like the fighter, you'd do best with a 17 strength, but constitution can be let slide since rangers start with a lot of hit points anyway.  Dexterity remains a nice addition.

Mages require a 9 intelligence, but it is hardly worth playing without at least a 15 intelligence and a 15 dexterity.  A 15 or better constitution is a great help, for if you have very few hit points, you will move up in levels slowly at the beginning.

Illusionists require a 16 intelligence and a 15 dexterity, and do best with a 15 or better constitution as well.

Thieves require a 9 dexterity, but it is hardly worth playing without at least a 16 - a 17 is better.  A 15 or better constitution is again a great help.  Be warned that pouches in my world do not hang like fruit upon the trees, and that bold action is risky.

Assassins require a 12 strength & dexterity and an 11 intelligence, but it is hardly worth playing without a 16 dexterity and a 15 or better constitution.  An assassin can do quite well, but getting hired is tricky and requires a lot of character planning.

Monks require a 15 strength, wisdom & dexterity, and a 10 constitution, and those stats are sufficient to play a good monk - with emphasis on the dexterity if at all possible.  Differences include the monk starting with an AC two better than the old player's handbook, and a d6 for hit points rather than a die four.  A monk will start with a minimum of 13 hit points, for those who worry that the lower levels suck for a monk.  Played well, they can be quite effective.

Bards requires a 15 charisma and a 15 wisdom.  Without a constitution of at least 15 and a strength of at least 16, you will wind up playing a support character.  Information about bards in my world can be found here.

I would like it if persons would discuss which character they intend to play in the comments section.  One of my last campaigns had three persons deciding to become mages, which was silly and I shouldn't have allowed it.  Three fighters is one thing, but all mages ... ridiculous.  If you could work towards a mix of classes that would be pleasant.  I'll allow a mage AND an illusionist, but not more than one of each, and only under the condition that the last person is a fighter, another cleric or a monk.  There are only four of you, and it would be nice if there was a chance of surviving.  As I said, there's already a cleric; a party consisting of a cleric, a mage, an illusionist and, say, a thief or an assassin would be pretty much doomed to going up slowly or dying the first time real combat occurred.

Don't make any mistake about it.  I give experience for combat and treasure.  Please come to play with that ideal in mind.

While I remember it, no multi-classed characters for now.

Having your class, please choose your race.  I play these according to the Player's Handbook, and will post information if you need it:

Elves come from the far north, Finland and Karelia in modern Russia.  They have infravision, the ability to move silently and are effective with swords and bows.  Elves can be clerics, fighters, rangers, mages, thieves and assassins.

Half-elves tend to be Russian-elf or Swedish-elf mixes, with either mother or father being human, they also have infravision.  Half-elves can be clerics, fighters, rangers, mages, thieves and assassins.

Dwarves come from the deep interior of Russia, have resistance against poison, combat effectiveness against some humanoid and giant classes, and infravision.  Dwarves can be clerics, fighters, mages, thieves and assassins.

Gnomes come from the forests of nearer Russia, and correspond to dwarves in many characteristics.  Gnomes can be clerics, fighters, mages, illusionists and thieves.

Halflings come from the hill country of central Sweden.  They are effective with slings, move silently, have infravision, and are resistant to poison.  Halflings can be druids, fighters, thieves or assassins.

Half-orcs come from the steppe and desert lands of southern Russia and Turkestan, and may be either human-orc mixes or dwarf-orc mixes (dworkins).  They are stronger and tougher than most other races.  Half-orcs can be clerics, fighters, thieves and assassins.

Humans come from everywhere.  They tend to have more hit points than other smaller, lighter races.  They can be of any class.

I do not allow any other race, so do not ask.

Please then, choose your sex.  The principle difference is that women tend to be lighter in body weight, and therefore on average have less hit points.  They do have other attibutes, I understand.

Finally, for the present, choose a name.  Please create a blogger I.D. with that name, so that when you post comments you will do so in character.

Anything else immediate we'll handle in the comments.  Bigger things beyond these four we'll handle in the coming week.


Sean said...

I was invited to play yesterday. I rolled a pair of 16s as my high rolls and will play whatever the party wants or needs.
Was thinking fighter, cleric or druid. Matters not to me.


Alexis said...

Please post all your stats Sean and make it clear exactly what you class you would wish to play. This will help others make up their minds if they are not as certain as you about a given choice.

Sean said...

S- 12
I- 9
W- 8
D- 16
C- 16
Cr- 10

This will be an axe hurling, spearman prone to first strikes and the seizing of combat initiative.

If the others disagree, I will play Old Mother Hubbard the druid... who is well beyond child bearing age. I could not abide pregnancy....even in a rpg.

Sean said...

To be clear, I will play a human fighter.

Alexis said...

Fair enough. I note you completely ignored my suggestion to pump your strength up; your choice.

Don't make assumptions about your age; you don't get to be "old mother hubbard" just because you want to be ... this goes to my point about not choosing your background. If you're a human druid you're most likely to be in your late teens or just slightly mature. That means you're going to have to put in the time if you want to be old.

jepatrcook said...

I would like to play a human monk.


Alexis said...

Names, Sean and jepatrcook?

Sean said...

My thoughts as to going with Dex over Str are driven by a desire to have an effective short range attack prior to melee. I am comfortable with it and I understand the forsaking of experience point bonuses (assuming that you use them).

The Old Mother Hubbard comment was more of a visual than an age assumption. I read your point on backgrounds and age.

My sister is 39 and truly is OMH...so it can happen even to the relatively young. By the way, no one makes cracks about my sister but me. Tread lightly...

Alexis said...

I'm not sure what experience the new players have with AD&D. I want to you be aware Sean that the dexterity you've chosen gives you a +1 initiative, a +1 to hit with thrown or fired weapons, and a +2 armor class. I'm not sure if you believed from some other system that you were to gain more.

Granted, a 16 strength only gives you a +1 damage. That's why I said at least a 17 strength. With the 16's, you're probably better picking the dexterity to ramp up.

Sean said...

Silvius the Myrmidon

Alexis said...

See, I'm going to drive you crazy with these details. You can't be Silvius the "myrmidon" because you're not 6th level (you're also not Greek, at least, I haven't rolled that yet).

For the time being, you're merely Silvius the Veteran.

Sean said...

That is exactly the bonuses I was expecting. I am good with it.

jepetra, the monk should be a good time to roleplay....good call.

Sean said...

Trust me, I almost omitted the title.
"Veteran" is great...I am going to tell the ladies that I am a senator or something anyway...

jepatrcook said...

I'd still like to go with Ku Zhi (although the name is irrespective of personality - I will adapt that according to your background information).

jepatrcook said...

Of course, it's difficult to pick a name not knowing what country I'm from.

Alexis said...

Your 'real name' and the name you wish to be called, jepatrcook, need not be the same.

Sean said...

Ku Zhi the Myrmidon!

James C. said...

jepatrcook and Sean, welcome. I'm playing Andrej the half-orc cleric leftover from one of the previous campaigns.

Andrej is a Roman Catholic and given the place and time the campaign occurs in your choice of religion may have broader implications than at least what I would normally expect in a D&D game. As Andrej can't read, he may not dispute you overmuch on doctrinal issues, but in a broader campaign sense anything too out there might impact us as a group. I say this not to dissuade you, but so that you go into it eyes open. I'm game for anything provided the campaign is as deep and engaging as before, and at least half of that work is up to us. Again, welcome... I'm really looking forward to playing again.

Sean said...

Thanks James C.
I have been reading your earlier campaign and lol forward to exploring this world with you guys.
By the way, I enjoy your DM Tale blog...the Arcane Order post was lights out and I just used it in my own tabletop game.

Jeremiah said...

Fair enough, Alexis.

Good to meet you Sean and James, and thanks for the welcome.

James C. said...

Thanks Sean, I appreciate the kind words. I'd love to know the names you have generated using the tables. Rolling on them has become a real distraction for me lately. In part to play-test results (I still hit more gold than duds IMHO) but mostly because I still find it to be so damn fun and distracting. I've considered expanding them to offer even more cryptic variety but haven't worked it all out yet.

Sean said...

So as to preserve the flow and feel of this blog site, I will post them on your post on the subject.

Good to meet you as well, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah said...

James, regarding religion, if I were to play, for example, a Mahayan Buddhist, would this cause any dischord with Andrej?

James C. said...

I don't know that Andrej would even recognize what that was, Jeremiah. So steadfast in his faith and ignorant of most others is he, he would probably assume you were some odd offshoot of the Nestorians. Hailing from Cumman and having only recently come to Germany he didn't really have a personal stake in the 30 Years War. As he doesn't read yet speaks to god in spite of this he doesn't quibble over doctrinal issues.

His worldview is a rather simple one, and upon meeting and liking your character he would probably assume that you served god in some indirect way, perhaps unbeknown even to you. If he didn't like you, you must then logically serve the OTHER.. and well, that's what maces are for. :)

If you're familiar with the character of Liza Hamilton in Steinbeck's East of Eden, she decides that a Chinese character (Mr. Lee) either of disavowed faith or Buddhist or some such is secretely Presbyterian. She convinces herself of this because otherwise the competent and loving care he bestowed upon the boys Caleb and Adam would not otherwise be possible. I could see Andrej and Liza Hamilton having this in common.

Really, I don't want anybody to feel constrained by the desires of my PC. I won't be a pain in the ass about it, because its your game too, my warning was more or less in regard to the broader campaign world. As I recall, one of the players in the Dachau campaign from before my time briefly played a pagan cleric and I'm guessing were he to start a church or look for followers things would have gone badly.

Jeremiah said...

I don't see a conflict then, at least within the party.

If I may ask, James, did you study 17th century European history for the purpose of playing in Alexis' game? Or did you already possess enough requisite knowledge prior to the campaign to be able to avoid making anachronistic and illogical choices within this world? I am asking, because I am looking to bring myself up to speed as much I can. I want to be as much of an asset to the game as I can.

Alexis said...

The largest difficulty will be that in not being of Andrej's catholic religion, some of the spells he might cast cannot affect you; cure light wounds, remove fear and any other spell that does not require the god to directly grant some favour to you will still work (working by virtue of Andrej's faith), but something like bless or aid, which requires divine intervention, won't.

James, if you want to remind me what spells you have, I can sort them out for you.

Alexis said...

Jeremiah, I will describe the geopolitics of the area before we start.

James C. said...

Cure Light Wounds(1st)
Detect Magic (1st)
Detect Malevolence (1st)

As for study, Jermiah, only a very little. Rather than coming prepared with a lot of knowledge, Alexis's game made me want to go out and learn more on my own as we went along. I'd say that from my personal experience being a quick on your feet is more important than a lot of requisite knowledge, and that Alexis provides the rest with his exposition.

Keep in mind too, as the DM himself has stated, the purpose of the wold isn't to be a simulation of the real world, but rather a deep and believable game world with some verisimilitude. While views on class seem consistent with what a layman like me might expect for the times, there seem to be more liberal views on gender, race and culture.

Alexis, if I'm going on too much about your game and want to field this yourself, let me know.

Sean said...

May I ask what level Andrej is, James?

James C. said...

Alexis, one further question... I assume I still have all my personal equipment and treasure. As I personally outfitted Emmanuel I also assume he is still in my employ and working for food, shelter and to be part of something exciting and bigger than a cotter would otherwise hope for. Assuming we are in agreement I only wonder about the the carriage and horses that Serafina gifted to the entire party. Does Andrej now posses those?

James C. said...

Sean: 2nd level. 1645 XP by my count.

Alexis said...

James, as ever, I'll correct when necessary. Point in fact, it was a more liberal time with regards to gender, race and culture - I point to this excellent video as a case in point.

Yes James, Andrej has everything you left the game with, including Emmanuel who remains in your employ. The carriage I'll have to seize, as it was nominally not in your possession (on loan, I believe), but I will give you and Emmanuel one of the horses, a Percheron big enough for the both of you (though Emmanuel usually walks) (I'll try to give its hit points in the upcoming week). Acceptable?

James C. said...


Alexis said...

Sean, Jeremiah, could you please confirm: both males?

Sean said...

Yes, male.

Butch said...

14, 10, 8, 11, 18, 16
Hello all. I'm honored to be Number 4!

Human male Fighter.

STR 18 (should I roll D100?)
WIS 11
DEX 14
CON 16
CHA 10

Help me out here fellas -- is INT the best place to hide that 8?

James C. said...

Butch, I'd say take your pick between Intelligence or Charisma. That's not to say that either don't have their place in Alexei's game, but as an 18 STR fighter its clear what your role will be. Subtlety and smarts won't be your character's forte.

Sean said...

I like it, Butch. Big and.... Malleable.

Welcome, by the way.

James C. said...

Guys, here is the link for my character's blog. Now if I could just remember how to log in as Andrej...


James C. said...

So our crew won't be winning any IQ contests, it seems.

Jeremiah said...

Yes, also male.

Jeremiah said...

I wanted to play someone with intelligence, but to qualify for monk every high score is needed elsewhere. So we'll all be at a loss the first time we have to sign a contract.

Sean said...

That's a good character James. Interesting backstory too

James C. said...

The back-story is the result of Alexis rolling on his tables and the words are mostly his with a few small embellishments by me.

Butch said...

I did think that we are fighter-heavy... even our cleric is beefier than most. But as Alexis said, at Level 1, it's better to have too many fighters than too many magic-users.

Alexis said...

Sorry Butch, I'm a bit behind. Yes, please roll a d100 for percentage strength.

James C. said...

Perhaps its early at this juncture, but I wanted to talk a bit about campaign goals and a few other notes.

One, as previously discussed in this thread, any who profess the same religion as my character will gain the benefit of all of his spellcasting. I had forgotten that when talking with Jeremiah above. If you're not hard over either way, I'd recommend being Roman Catholic.

Down the road, as we all gain levels, there's a small chance for you to gain significantly via the act of tithing (body wholeness, cleansing of sins all the way up to deification and the granting of wishes... yeah, pretty big stuff). You don't need Andrej to tithe, but if you do give your money to Andrej you'll keep it within the party. Andrej must use it to somehow further the faith. I won't solicit you often, but as we gain in levels I may remind you about this option.

Two, it is Andrej's intention, now that he has left Calenburg, Dachau and his patron there behind, to begin looking for a likely spot to raise up a new or occupy an abandoned church. He may do so at 4th level.

Given his martial nature he'd prefer some land beset by the enemies of Christ where his particular talents would be put to good use. I don't expect the party to necessarily dedicate themselves to this task, but I'd like our near-term actions to serve it.

Specifically, in Cuxhaven Andrej will be interested to know how nearby Catholics are faring and will seek to advance the goals of these parishioners and the church to gain money, hone skills and achieve renown. If he should happen upon a ravaged land without spiritual guidance needing protection in the wake of the 30 years war, he'd be interested in setting up shop there. It doesn't have to be in Germany at all if you guys want to travel some, but you see where I'm going I hope. We could all set ourselves up nicely in such a manner.

Third, Alexis, as Andrej will gain the ability of Investiture at 4th level he wants to satrt preparing now. My hireling Emmanuel meets the requirements to be a cleric. Can Andrej begin instructing Emmanuel now in the hopes of the latter some day taking his vows? I know with his lousy stats he won't make for a very good cleric, but I like the chap and would like to see him become more useful to us.

Finally, given that the "Real World" is our campaign setting and I'm playing a character rather heavily involved with religion, as absurd as it may seem I feel I must explain that I' nothing like Andrej. My goals in the game are all game related. If I reccomend that you join Andrej's religion or if Andrej acts on behalf of the church its always to further the power and goals of the party and in the name of playing the game.

Butch said...

I rolled a 21. Blackjack!

Alexis said...

That's pretty meaty, James. Give me a bit to think about Emmanuel.

Nobody thinks you're a 17th level Roman Catholic half-orc cleric, James.

James C. said...

Well, you folks don't...

James C. said...

Alexis, been thinking often today about the game and read through some old campaign posts. As a reminder:

- Andrej still carries the Lombard helmet & amulet from the return trip w/ Serafina. Also, Jan's rosary beads. These latter Andrej will gift to Emmanuel whatever you decide regarding clerical training.

- Andrej posesses a writ guaranteeing free passage in Calenburg

- Andrej posesses a Bottle (magic jar) with the souls of Brendan the Guard and Robur the mage presumably trapped inside

- a group of dwarves from Nordhausen we met and lent aid to upon the road owe us a favor. A message should be left with Warth's cousin Frith - who operates a bawdy house, the Rednight House, on Lange Strasse, should we wish to collect.

Alexis said...

That all remains in force. I shall post tomorrow about Emmanuel; my concern is setting a precedent on the question, rather than making an ad hoc statement.

That was Lange Strasse, Nordhausen, correct?

James C. said...

Correct, as far as I have it in my notes and from the blog comments. Take your time on Emmanuel and don't feel compelled to answer right away. I'm looking further down the road on this anyway. Thanks.

James C. said...

One final thing, and I'm probably inflicting the comments section with too much minutiae, but there's one last loose end/ note from the last campaign that I forgot to post and if I truly find any more I'll just wait:

"Eggbert, a scholar in Eichstadt, is studying a valuable book of illusions for Avel and I."

Avel is no more but the book remains.

Alexis said...

Lord knows Eggbert and the book still exist, but I have no idea what was in the book any more. No matter, if you ever return to Eichstatt, I'll have something ready.

Do not worry about minutia.

Sean said...


I just saw this posting today. Got distracted by all of the character posts, I suppose.

As to your campaign goals, that all works for me.

James C. said...

No worries Sean. Once you guys are finished, Alexis ready and we begin playing we can talk more about goals. I think my near-term inclinations are broad enough to satisfy any number of adventuring opportunities we may wish to pursue.

Silvius Volundr said...

James, Sean here. For my part, I am going to lean on your experience within this campaign world. I know that Alexis said he will lay out regional developments for us, but my current knowledge of 17th century Europe is also a couple fries shy of a Happy Meal.

I will catch on and am reading up on it now, but it will take some time. Please don't hesitate to speak up!

Ahmet said...

I agree that James should take the lead on setting at least the initial goals of our party -- he's the one with the most experience, both in-game and with Alexis's online campaigns.

It seemed that a lack of goals really slowed down the campaign at the start last time. As Alexis put it, it was like a tabletop game that opens with an hour of, "I dunno, what do you want to do?"

So in addition to James's near-term goals, we should come up with goals for the party, goals for individual characters (which you may not want to share with the others), and maybe even a goal for the campaign itself.

Silvius Volundr said...


Couldn't agree more.

From the limited interaction so far, it seems like this is a group that can stay focused.

James has already laid out some goals and ideals... I say we run with it.

Though we are only first level, it seems like we should be able to crack some low level skulls. Let our half orc zealot lead the way!

James C. said...

Thank you fellas. To be clear, I will guide or nudge us or just push and prod the DM for info on interesting activities, but not dictate what we choose. At every decision point I want us all talking. If you have an idea for a profitable pursuit, put it on the table. So far, it doesn't seem like communicating will be an issue with this group, and that is great.

That said, at times Andrej has initiated action in the heat of the moment without going to committee, possibly sometimes to the annoyance of other more cautious players. These were calculated risks, I'm not a careless player. Somehow, though, I sense this group will not be too put out by a little risk and danger.

Silvius Volundr said...

I'm with you, James. And if Andrej decides to go off, Silvius will be right behind him...

...using him as a giant shield.

Seriously though, I suspect that you have a much greater understanding as to what will not work in Alexis' campaign. That is going to be valuable to us.

JB said...

Here are my rolls:

16, 15, 17, 15, 12, 15

(took me four tries to get the requisite minimums)

I would like to play a male human assassin:

Strength 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Dexterity 17
Constitution 15
Charisma 15

Franz Unger

What is the next step?

Oddbit said...

Male Human Mage

Int 18
Dex 16
Con 16
Cha 16
Wis 15
Str 12

12, 16, 16, 18, 16, 15

Franz said...

@ Alexis:

Is "throwing dagger" a separate weapon proficiency from "melee dagger?"


Alexis said...

Saw your questions on email as I stepped out, Franz.

The girl in love with you is the 18-year-old daughter of Tasso Garibaldi, Gema. Gema is in Munster at this time, her father and her having left Italy only two years ago upon the war ending - her father has been funding reconstruction projects throughout the territories of Munster and Emsland. She's quite attractive, not very worldly, and wild about your accent (there may be only one language, but there are many accents). I think I shall leave it to you as to how the two of you met.

A dagger is the same proficiency, regardless of how it is used.

Food. Resting, relaxing, wandering about town - 1 lb. a day. Travelling, 2 lb. a day. Any day with combat in it, 3 lb. a day. The type of food is up to you, but I encourage a healthy mix.

Franz said...

Excellent Alexis; very sensible on all counts; thanks!

Alexis said...

Just a reminder; as an assassin, you don't gain thieving abilities until the third level ... you are always two levels lower as a thief than you are as an assassin.

Let me know when you feel ready to go, and I'll insert you into the campaign.

Franz said...

Except with regard to setting traps (2 levels above normal) and backstabbing (same level)...correct?

I've completed my equipment list (wow...that was rough!); as soon as I have the character sheet organized and posted, I'll let you know.

Um...some things I'm missing that I'd like to buy:

- thread (should I just use "yarn?")
- scrap cloth (from a tailor)
- line (for fish hooks)

And what's with the total lack of salt in this town? Now THERE'S a commodity worth stocking up on!
; )

Alexis said...

Been a long time with an assassin. I think you're right about the setting traps; I'll confirm as soon as I can look at a book.

Regarding thread and cloth, I'll fix that; they won't be expensive, and I'll add a price - but for the moment, take one spool of thread, 60 ft. any color, and 4 yards of either cotton or woolen cloth, on me. I should fix the salt option so it's always there - take one paper box, again, no charge. Altogether it wouldn't be more than a couple of silver pieces anyway.

I'm at a good place to fit you in, character sheet or no; I'll let you know if and when I do.

Franz said...

My "character blog" is as ready as I think I can make it; you can find it at:


I don't know my starting hit points (I don't know how many dice to roll for mass, etc. or if you determine the starting HP total). Also, I haven't added any combat stats (like THAC0, damage, saves, etc.). I figure that stuff's the same as usual for AD&D?

Mmm...except I don't the damage for a "sabre."

Let me know if you need anything else!

Oddbit said...

I must admit, I am unaware of a standard method for storing darts and other pokey thrown things, is there a bandoleer for such things? Or does a belt just cover it?

Also, I do not see entries for quarterstaff and small spellbook. I am aware the quarterstaff is free, but would like to know if you weight is from the book or not. Also I want to know if you have a different cost/weight for the spellbook.

Oddbit said...

Wow I fail, there it is...

Alexis said...

Guys, I'm trying to play catch up.

Oddbit, I've added an item to the equipment table for you - it is a single scroll, just large enough to write out one first level spell, or four cantrips. Even at that, the cost is still going to break you: it's 11 s.p. per page, and you'll probably need a heap of pages to manage all your spells and cantrips. I'm working on getting that list for you tonight.

You can carry your darts on a belt, or get a quiver ... which will carry 8 darts. Price is the same as the number you'll find for a quiver for arrows.

You're limited to four darts per belt, and six darts carried out of a quiver overall - keeps you from hurting yourself.

Alexis said...


You start with maximum hit points for the die you roll for first level: 6, +2 for your constitution ... then you add 1d8 for your body mass, which I roll. That's 3 more, so 11 h.p. total.

THACO is the same, but I say when you hit, not your THACO number or the books. I get to reserve that one for myself.

A sabre does 1d8.

Lukas said...

I like the idea of several sheets of paper, but am concerned about the protection of said sheets. I assume the extra gold on an apprentices spellbook includes the protection of binding it all together against wind, and a cover against other elements... I don't think you would arbitrarily damage my book, as I don't see you as vindictive, but logic is indeed logic.

I assume the cowhide scroll case only accommodates one such scroll? Oh and I'm of coarse assuming that the only spells I need accommodate are those that I can currently use, not those that I can potentially use yes?

Wickedmurph said...

St: 16
Con: 15
Dex: 14
Wis: 13
Int: 9
Cha: 18

Human Paladin. Stats are marginal, but I think I can make it work. Thoughts?

Alexis said...

Nope, got no trouble with a paladin. I would discourage you, however, from running a protestant. Not because you can't choose that (unlike place of birth, religion IS a choice) ... but because the party is very definitely catholic. The 'muslim' isn't practicing. A paladin, however, makes it tricky ... and there's the added circumstance that the bonus armor class for standing near the paladin would not be gained by either the cleric or the monk.

It's up to you, but you're undercutting a potential advantage. As well, consider how much I've tied the party's actions into Catholicism ... particularly regarding the potential mission in modern day Ukraine I proposed last week.

Things to chew on.

Wickedmurph said...

Fair enough, I'm not too picky about the whole thing. Catholic Human Paladin it is.

Alexis said...


Wickedmurph said...

That's a good question - I assumed male, given the era. So male, yes.

Melchior said...

Alright, Melchior Morn the human paladin is online:


Alexis said...

Melchior, you're at the top of the stairs for Andrej, and he's wondering who you are at the moment. For the record, you've been working as a day laborer, you saw the cleric go down the stairwell, you moved closer and heard the sound of weapons, and you've started down the stairs to investigate.

Alexis said...

Go and say something.