Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sean's Fighter

Strength: 12
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 8
Constitution: 16 +2 hit points
Dexterity: 16 +1 to hit with missile weapons and initiative, +2 benefit to armor class
Charisma: 10

Born: Hamburg, Germany
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Wealth: 160 g.p.
Credit: none

Father's profession: Blacksmith.  Character has the ability to forge iron and practice other skills of the trade. Through advised maintenance, all metal goods of the party have a +2 save vs. destruction.  Character has a +1 "to hit" with hammer.

Family: Father and mother, Martin and Freida, plus two younger brothers, Thomas and Richard, and all four grandparents reside in Hamburg.
Inter-relations: While the character's family treats him with moderate concern, the character's past behavior has caused most persons in the city to treat him with enmity and a hearty dislike.  The character has been banned from all establishments in the south quarter of Hamburg (which is a large city after all), with the exception of the town market in that quarter.
Youth: The character's mentor, recognizing that the character much needed to move on, obtained a writ of passage for the character that enables him to move freely (no tolls or town fees) within lands controlled by the Cities of Hamburg and Lubeck, or the County of Kiel.  However - and this really bites - the character's departure required that he has not quite completed his training.  While the character will be a 1st level, he starts 'in the hole' as it were, with an experience total of minus 200 ... thus requiring 2,201 to reach 2nd level.  The character has always had trouble learning things, and though the total age has yet to be calculated, it will be 7 years greater than a typical human fighter.

Toughness:  The character has a extraordinarily strong upper body and arms, and has the ability to use a weapon up to seven and a half pounds one-handedly.  Moreover, the character is resistant to arachnid poisons, and suffers only half damage from them.


Butch said...

Hammer time! I love it.

I wonder what you did to earn the enmity of South Hamburg. I have a feeling it involved a burgher's daughter... and her sister...

Sean said...

Two words... "badass".

Alexis, when you say "advised maintenance", does that simply mean that I need to inform you when my character is repairing and seeing to our gear?

@Butch. "and their pets".

Alexis said...

It's assumed that you are always doing so, Sean.

James C. said...

I see throwing hammers in your future, Sean.

Jeremiah said...

Between you and Butch I could see our group gaining a fearsome (hopefully not infamous) rep.

Sean said...

If there is a city where ALL of are welcome, it won't be that way for long!

Alexis, I know you are busy, but when you have a sec, could you give me your thoughts on two-handed combat?

Alexis said...

I haven't got the books in front of me, so this may require correction, but the rules in the DMG provide for penalties to hit for multi-weapons. I also apply a penalty of -1 damage to each weapon. I believe the subtraction for a 16 dexterity is -1 to the primary weapon to hit, and -3 to the secondary weapon ... but as I say, that might be incorrect. I'll confirm this evening.

James C. said...

I could use a refresher here as well, Alexis. Andrej is ambidextrous as per the tables, and has taken to the use of two light (horseman's) maces in combat, but I forget any modifiers we may have applied.

Alexis said...

Ambidextrous in the tables circumvents the usual penalties, which apply to high dexterity, not a mental capacity to think easily with either hand. The damage penalty is a recent one and would not have been in force with the earlier campaign.

Sean said...

Alexis, if it is the DMG table, then I believe my dude would be -2 & -3.

My assumption is that a 20 always hits. If that is the case, I have to weigh doubling my chances of a hit vs. reduced damage. No need to reply to this now...I know I have tome to consider my options.

Alexis said...

Page 70 of the DMG says that the penalty for a 16 dex for secondary/primary weapon is -3/-1. So I was right.

No, your assumption that a 20 always hits is wrong. High armor classes sometimes need a 21 or more to hit, and if you don't have sufficient bonuses, even with a natural 20, you miss.

Be sure you read my combat simulation posts on my other blog from last March/April for additional information on combat.

Sean said...

Will do. The table I was thinking of was from Dragon mag...thanks for clearing that up. Will be helpful when it comes to weapon selection eventually.

By the way, I have never used the "pre rolled" character history is an interesting approach that I find myself liking more and more.

Alexis said...

The tables are entirely of my own creation, Sean. Last night I finished building the height and weight portion just so I could use it today. I have it built in excel so the finished information appears on the front page, at the push of a button.

Sean said...

So do you let the dice make the determinations entirely or do you choose from a "this makes most sense" standpoint?

Alexis said...

The entire system is balanced against your stats, your race, your class and your sex. If you take a low intelligence, you'll miss out on results that require a high intelligence and you might get results only a low intelligence can get. Moreover, the system is balanced so that even a difference of one point in the stat changes the probabilities subtly in your favor or against it.