Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jeremiah's Monk

I have started working on the background information for the characters.  From the last time I did this, I made a few errors, particularly in trying to embellish the stories rather than giving just the raw information.  This time I shall only do the base data, and let you work things out for yourselves.

I know that the desire for many players is to come from far-flung places on the globe, but you have to realize that my world is a BIG globe.  It just isn't likely that you're from any spectacular distance away.  I rolled three birthplaces and was surprised to find that one did turn up in the Orient.  The others, I'm afraid, are more local.

I'd appreciate if everyone feels they can comment on any of the three posts, this one and the next two ... to build a sense of camaraderie.  Each post will deal with the background of an individual.  This isn't ALL the background, I'm afraid ... There's a lot to generate and I got interrupted last night.  But I'd like to give out as much as I have for now, and spend the next period of time working out the remainder.  The biggest problem in the next week will be a full equipment table, which I hope to have up by Monday.  In the meantime we'll just get up to speed in bits.  Remember please this is partial, and know that I don't have to ability to generate more at this moment.  I will this evening, and try to have it up tomorrow (let me know what you'd most like to see).

I recognize that yes, it is difficult to pick a name if you don't know where you're from.  Most players don't seem to care, really, but if you want to be accurate then I'm sorry I gave the sense that once you had picked a name it was carved in stone.  Let's assume that if you want to hold off on any esoteric point, such as a name, it is probably all right to do so.

Very well, starting with Jeremiah's character, a Human Monk.  If there's anything I'm inaccurate about, don't hesitate to holler.

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 15
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 16 +1 to hit with missile weapons and initiative
Charisma: 11

Born: Stuttgart, Germany
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Wealth: 160 g.p.
Credit: none

Father's profession: Mercenary.  Character possesses an additional weapon proficiency.  Monks ordinarily start with 1 proficiency, but Jeremiah gets 2.  May pick from bo stick, club, crossbow, dagger, hand axe, javelin, jo stick, pole arm, spear, staff or staff-flail.

Family:  Scattered.  Has an uncle, Niktor, living in Stuttgart.
Inter-relations: Due to poor judgment, despite the high wisdom, word has spread throughout Stuttgart and the area that the character is a liar.  The character cannot obtain new hirelings from that area, or from anyone connected to that area.  Moreover, because the character has never been good with people, all hirelings and associates that do work for the character begin with a morale of 10.
Youth: In a moment of exhuberance, the character had an accident and is missing a toe upon their left foot (player can choose reason).  As such, for any circumstance where the character may lose balance, a -2 modifier is applied to the roll.

Physical Concerns:  The character suffers from a poor heart, and cannot hold his breath for more than 20 seconds at a time (this may change as he becomes a higher level monk).  Moreover, altitude affects the character's movement, so that it is reduced by 1 with every 4,000 ft. above sea level.

Talents:  When the possibility exists, the character is automatically given a chance to roll a save vs. death magic in order to deduce either a cursed item or a cursed location, within 60'.  This does not require the character to willfully choose to do it, but has the chance automatically.  Moreover, the character saves against all magic at one level higher than normal.

For the moment, that's what I have.  Age, hit points and other bits of information will follow.


Jeremiah said...

I wonder if perhaps I might be called "Ninetoes." I think I'd prefer that to "Ku the Liar" or "Ku the Wheezer".

Jeremiah said...

Sorry, my first comment should have been "Thank you, Alexis," lest I appear ungrateful.

I'll have to mull over weapon proficiencies.

Sean said...

A lying Buddhist. The karmic repurcussions to this are pretty nasty...

But anyone can be perceived to be a liar, so there you go.

We will still let you search for traps, Jeremiah.

Butch said...

"In fact, I do have 10 toes... but one of them is worn on a cord around my neck."

James C. said...

Nine-toes may already be stuck in my mind, Jeremiah so I hope you like that one. ;)

Alexis said...

I made an error earlier; the monk does not receive a +2 benefit to armor class because he is a monk. He does begin with an 8 AC at any rate.

Jeremiah said...

Do your monks stun and do open hand damage?

Alexis said...

Yes, Jeremiah. Your open hand damage is at this level 1-3. If you are using it and you roll five higher than the number needed to hit, you stun humanoid opponents for 1-6 rounds. A 'stunned' person cannot attack, but can defend. Persons more than 12 inches taller than you cannot be stunned.

You also have a movement rate of 6 (normal for unarmed is 5), and you add 1 point of damage to weapon attacks every other hit. That plus your natural 8 armor class, plus thieving abilities, more or less establishes your monk abilities.

Sean said...

I am man enough to admit that I have Character Envy.

James C. said...

Monks tend to be quite awesome, particularly in the hands of a savvy player. i wouldn't be too envious though, Sean. Get yourself some good armor and a 7.5 pound weapon or two and you'll be just fine.

Ku Zhi said...

I'm not sure how often the stun chance will actually come into play, but it is a nice feature. From what I've read of his combats, Alexis seems to have stun rules based on damage (or remaining hit points?) as well. I'm going to follow his recommendation and look at the april blogs tonight.

I do love monks as they progress, and being able to do damage unarmed is always a plus, but looking at the other behemoths in party I'm sure I won't be outshining anyone in combat. If anything, I'm just hoping to be able to keep up. And not die. That to.

Ninetoes said...

Crap, wrong account.

Okay, I'm officially Nine-toes now.

Sean said...

This is gonna be a good game.