Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Butch's Fighter

Strength: 18 / 21 +1 to hit, +3 damage
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 11
Constitution: 16 +2 hit points
Dexterity: 14
Charisma: 10

Born: Melitene, Cappadocia, central Anatolia
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Wealth: 30 g.p.
Credit: none

Father's Profession: Miner.  Character has the ability to shore underground construction, determine patterns of ore distribution on sight and recognize bad odors or unsafe construction 80% of the time.  Character is +1 "to hit" with a pick.

Family: Raised by paternal grandparents.  Has five first cousins dwelling in the high country of Cappadocia.
Inter-relations: The character's long abuse of animals has created an aura about the character which animals distrust.  Animals associated with the character begin with a morale of 11, and rolls against morale must succeed twice before morale improves.
Youth: The character suffered a very bad love affair, and as such the character has an increased resistance against attempts by women to seduce him (+2).  The character has spent 10 years in jail (player chooses reason), and as such has become hard tempered and unpleasant.

Weapon Skills: The character starts with one more weapon proficiency than normal; as a fighter, he would normally start with four, but in this case starts with 5.  As a fighter, the character may use any weapon.  Additionally, the character causes +1 damage with any weapon when it is thrown at an opponent.
Toughness: The character heals 2 hit points per day from rest, as opposed to 1.


Butch said...

Wow! He's quite the hard case.

I'm just glad my bad love affair wasn't with an animal.

Or was it?

Alexis said...

Nope, a woman. Says so right in the description.

James C. said...

Hard case indeed. And a fellow easterner. Let's show these western folk how its done, Butch.

Alexis said...

It occurred to me to look it up, Butch. The region and your father's profession having being determined randomly, there is only one possible mined material in Cappadocia your father could have mined: copper.

Which would make you quite familiar with the areas of mined copper in that part of the world.

Sean said...

Wow. This dude is a wrecking machine.

Jeremiah said...

Glad we're on the same side, Butch.

Ahmet said...

My character's name is Ahmet-oğlu Ahmet -- from my understanding, medieval Turks wouldn't have last names, but use the "son of" form (oğlu means "son of"). Interestingly the father's name would come first, so -- "Son of Ahmet, Ahmet."

Alexis said...

I wrote a whole comment telling "Ahmet" that Butch didn't need to be Turkic ... and then realized Butch is Ahmet.

Pulled a fast one.

Sean said...

Hell, throw in yet another Ahmet-oglu for good.measure!

Ahmet said...

@Alexis: Got it. One Apache Bokononist coming up!

@Sean: Ahmet-oglu Ahmet-oglu Ahmet... I'll just keep oglu'ing them until they surrender.

Sean said...


Nine-toes said...

Can't wait to meet Ahmet in person.

Alexis said...

I'm getting confused.

Nine-toes is the monk. I assume Ku Zhi is Sean's fighter. That's obviously not his given name, so if Ku doesn't want to choose one, I'll pick a random one from his parents.

Jeremiah said...

I posted as Ku and as Nine-toes. I meant to only post as Nine-toes, wasn't watching the screen name.

Sean said...

I have only posted as Sean.