Friday, April 16, 2010

Midday, Golos

Friday, June 6, 1650

Symeon and Nasira return to Golos, arriving there about midday.  Naturally, Symeon will look towards his trusted sailor (whose name, I believe, hasn't been set yet), to find if there has been any news.  There hasn't been; a new ship has come into the harbour from Chalkis, and is unloading, but there are no special tales about it ... it is carrying dates and almonds.  The small Turkish resident force in Golos has broken up a wedding, and there have been some harsh words - threats and the like.  But little else.

The sailor, whatever his name is, asks permission to take the boat out during the day, to fish.


Nasira said...

Is the new ship a familiar 80' gally?
I am making a shopping list and shopping for supplies.

Alexis said...

No, it is much larger, sailed ship, two masted lateen; from the appearance, probably Egyptian.

Nasira said...

I will patronize Msulim butchers. There should be enough to share. I am also interested in a deep pan and some tobacco - (need prices.)

2 bread
chicken, butchered
3 coconut, dried
linseed cooking oil
3 feed, horse
lamb, fresh
2 bon bon
3 orange
25sp 4cp / 20.4 lb.

Alexis said...

The butchers will treat you well. You will not see other muslim women dressed as yourself; the older women, who are married, will be generally bare-faced, with only their head covered. Some of the young women will wear a mask over their face - not a scarf, but a yashmak, parts made of metal and jewelry, and worn with a scarf. But your apperance is not unknown to them, any more than a Spaniard might view a German.

Symeon Kokolas said...

(He can have Nestor Mastroas as a name, indicating a family history of trades work and ancestry in Macedonia)

Are we more likely to meet our target date on foot or on the water? If it is on foot, I will unload the rest of my food from the boat and give Nestor permission to fish as much as he likes. If it is on the water, I will advise him that we will be departing soon and to be ready within the hour.

I will buy the following items:
bread x4
tinderbox (need price)
soap (1 lb if possible)

I will help Nasira look for a pan (if I can find her), and will offer to split the cost if we find something reasonable.

Nasira said...

(I am showing 15 GP for a tinder box.)

Alexis said...

I can't say whether you would have better luck by water or by land. By land, you could reach Ossa after a day's walk; the boat would still take more than four days to circumnavigate the peninsula to reach the shore of the mountain.

Once you have each finished your purchases, what do you wish to do?

Symeon Kokolas said...

That's a bit steep for me, especially since Nasira has one already. If I could find just a flint at a more affordable price, I'll do that.

I will also advise Nestor to enjoy himself on the water while we are gone, and that it will be several days.

"Let us set out for Ossa on foot. We should arrive well before those others. Hopefully we will have time to look around and find a good spot to wait."

Symeon Kokolas said...

I will buy a second wineskin and fill it before leaving, as well. That should give me enough for three days.

Nasira said...

I will ask my friendly butcher if he knows of any villages atop Mt. Ossa.

I will fill my waterskin. I will also buy a pan and some tobacco.

With my backpack and Motaz stocked, I will follow Symeon out toward Ossa.

Nasira said...

"So tell me about your family."

Symeon Kokolas said...

My father was a sailor. He taught me to travel the sea, and to swim. I don't get along well with my family. My mother, sister, and my father's mother think very little of me. I hope someday to change that, but for now I am happy to be on my own. I spent most of my time outside growing up.

How about you? I've suspected you are not entirely human, but it seemed impolite to ask.

Nasira said...

"Thank you for sharing that. Family is very important where I come from - it is everything. It may not be so different here, sir, and I would implore you to not give up on them. Who knows, you may very soon have the chance to prove yourself to them... And why stop there?"

"It probably is rude to ask a woman what race she is, although I personally don't care. I am an Elf, and yet I don't mind being compared to humans. I am not one of THOSE Elves, if you know what I mean. I come from a very simple family, in a very simple village. We didn't have much... Then my father died and I started feeling that I had to get away. I am blessed that my opportunity came a few years later, but not before my mother also died. I have no siblings, only a small extended family. Yet I turned out well. I am most thankful to my parents for teaching me about Allah - the most gracious. My parents also prepared me for life. I got through my training, head of the class. This allowed me to travel and to be able to help people - to make something of myself."

Alexis said...

There are three small villages on the slopes of Mt. Ossa: the settlement of Ossa itself, on the west of the mountain; Melivoia, on the southeast slope; and Spilia, which is just below the peak itself, high above the village of Ossa.

Realistically, since you have spent the rest of Friday purchasing goods and such, you could not reasonbly leave until Saturday morning.

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