Monday, March 29, 2010

The Return to Dachau

Thursday, June 5, 1650

It will require the rest of the day to ride the wagon to Ulm … where the party would, quite probably, wish to stay the night at the Black Bullhead. That being the case, Dietlinde the proprietor will break down in sobs upon learning the death of Jan, whom she was always in love with; she will provide the party with free rooms, will behave very well towards Serafina, but apart from the party she will close the doors of her Inn and expel the other guests. When the party sees her again, she will be dressed in clothes of mourning … the additional clothes suggesting that Dietlinde is a woman of some means.

It will require another full day to travel over the ridge and to reach Augsburg. The journey will be without any notable distraction … the party will rest for the night at the tavern that was mastered by Neil. Again, the story of Jan’s death will darkly hurt the man – though he will not act as strongly as Dietlinde did. He will also provide a night’s free lodging, in respect for the friend the party had.

And so it will be noon on Thursday when the party will come into sight of Dachau … after such a long time.

At the gate, the party will be charged three s.p. each to enter … much higher than they paid on any former occasion. The party will also be warned by the guard that ‘curfew’ will come at seven bells, and that they will want to be sure to be indoors by that time.


Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC - what an odd feeling... I almost feel like Dachau isn't 'home' anymore...)

Have the elections for mayor been held yet?

I'll ask Serafina what she would like to do... stay at an Inn and get ready to see Hornung, or would she prefer to go see him immediately?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC note:
I don't know if anyone else kept track, but I kept deducting for paying for the animals and carriage for all tolls/stablings/entrance fees. Here's the list I have. You might want to go back if you haven't kept up with your tallies:
- 2sp (May 30, 1650 toll - myself and carriage)
-10cp, 3 sp (May 31st, 1650 - Zug - stabling/rooms)
-10cp, 3 sp (Winterthur - stabling/rooms)
-6 sp (Buchorn - entrance for myself/horses, stabling/rooms)
-10 sp (Crossing the Riss, myself and carriage)
-3 sp (Thursday, June 5, 1650, Dachau toll, myself))

Andrej said...

"I agree, Delfig. Though my time in Dachau was comparatively fleeting it seems somehow different. The gate toll and curfew are curious if nothing else. I wonder what else new awaits us here? Shall we make arrangements at your former place of residence?"

Alexis, I refrained from subtracting any more food, assuming we ate at the inns. If that was in error, let me know and I'll update our totals.

Delfig, I kept careful track but deducted as I went, being rather short on coin.

Alexis said...

Serafina would most definitely like to go directly to seen Hornung.

Andrej, while the inns will supply some of your day’s food, they only allow for one meal. You will still have to remove half a day’s normal ration (1 lb. of food each) for travelling.

Andrej said...

Ration requirements noted and accounted for.

Let us be off to Hornung directly then, and worry about our rooms and belongings afterward. I'm rather anxious to see how this goes, I must admit.

Avel said...

Does Hornung live in town or on an estate?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Alexis, not sure if you saw my question about if the elections had been held yet?)

I will accompany Serafina to Hornung's residence, then.

Alexis said...

Yes, sorry Delfig.

The election was held on May 24. At the present, you don't know who was elected.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I'd like to ask someone, possibly one of the townsguard if we pass them on the way to Hornung, who won the election.

Alexis said...

Next post.