Friday, March 26, 2010

Antelope Campaign, To June 1650

The following is a general description of the last three weeks of the campaign – comments on this post are all considered OOC (out of campaign) and anyone may feel free to contribute.

Starting with Monday, May 12, the party was leaving Augsburg on its way from Dachau to Ulm, with the intention of fetching a woman Serefina from a monastery in Sion, a small region in the south part of what would be modern Switzerland. The party consisted of Delfig and Andrej, with NPCs Friar Jan and their servant Emmanuel.

On the way to Ulm, the party encountered a white stag pursued by a wolf; they killed the wolf, but lost sight of the stag. Upon reaching Ulm, they stay the night at the Black Bullhead Inn.  They turned south towards Lindau on Lake Constance, to make their way into the Swiss Confederation ... and discovered that the stag they had seen was following them. They met various people on the route, including a group of criminals, the threat of dangerous humanoids and a boatmaker on his way with his family.

A day north of Lindau, Father Jan attempted to approach the stag, and was attacked; the stag fled, and Jan recovered.

In Lindau, arrangements were made to take a boat on the Rhine River ... the journey was splendid, a little worried with weather, but by various means the party did reach Olten (by leaving the Rhine and ascending the Aar River. In Olten, they discovered a carriage service that would take them to Lausanne, on Lake Geneva.

On the carriage, they met a brother and his sister, M. and Mme. Herieux. He was quite a smooth talking fellow, but his sister never said a word.

Not far into the journey, they passed a fire at an inn near Langenthal, a small town off the main road – Delfig and Andrej, at great threat to their life, were able to save eleven people from the fire ... making them heroes of the town. While the town wanted to celebrate their exploit, Father Jan made plans to continue to Lausanne by carriage. And while M. Herieux made great hay of Delfig and Andrej’s exploit, unbeknowst to the party Herieux’s sister had continued on with Father Jan.

In Langenthal, Delfig and Andrej exposed M. Herieux as a charlatan and possibly a thief, but he escaped. They made all haste, blocked at many turns, in an attempt to warn Father Jan – but found him murdered north of Bern ... quite likely by Mme Herieux.  They learned of the investigation, but there was little they could do.  They mourned in Bern for their friend.

Continuing their journey sorrowfully, they passed through Lausanne and Montreaux. They encountered the player Avel along the way. They left Switzerland and entering the Prince-Bishopric of Sion ... finally reaching the town of Sion at last. Bringing their mission’s purpose to Serefina, they found her quite willing to go with them. They provisioned a carriage that she possessed, and from there made their way over the Furka Pass to the east, and into the eastern Swiss Republic again.

On the Furka Pass they were attacked by a hippogriff, and by chance discovered clues to a treasure – an amulet, a helmet and a coin. Upon descending the pass by the correct road, they reached the little wealthy town of Altdorf – where they heard a tale about the Furka pass which Serefina mistook for an omen.

Once they had reassured her that there was nothing to fear, the party returned through Zug, Zurich and Buchhorn, where they took another road to Ulm.

It was here they encountered the white stag again ... and found that it had a wretched creature riding upon it, invisible to all except Serefina – until Delfig began to play. At that point, everyone seeing the creature, they began to fight it. This brings us up to date.


abhorsen950 said...

Excellent stuff i myself joined in at an awkward moment thanks for this it really brought me up to date.

Andrej said...

Looks like a pretty nice summary to me (with convenient links) so no need to add much other than thanks. Now I'll just return here first when looking for a specific campaign thread.

Phil Eckert said...

I'm greatly enjoying the ongoing story. Thanks to all for the entertainment. (And thanks also for not making the threads private now that the Antelope party has split. Good luck, Delfig!) Alexis, I've been inspired by the variety of encounters you've placed in front of the party. Many thanks for the effort to maintain the web site.
One suggestion: it would be convenient to have permanent links on the sidebar for the campaign maps... the better for the reader to follow the players' wanderings across Europe.