Thursday, March 11, 2010

Evening, Buchhorn

Monday, June 2, 1650

This is presuming that you travel through Sunday (I made sevaral comments about it, and at best got a subtle suggestion from Andrej that you were going to ignore the sabbath – Serafina has no trouble with it). If there’s a change in mind about that, I’ll update this post as necessary.

Through both days it rains fitfully, most of Sunday afternoon and through the night on Sunday.

Through the first day of travelling, five miles from Zug you’ll pass the town of Horgen, before reaching the enormous city of Zurich. This would be the largest city that, quite probably, any member of the party has seen (larger than Munich, even); though when Serafina was a child, she once saw Milan. You can’t begin to estimate the population, but many tens of thousands, certainly. The surrounding environs are filled with manor houses, castle-keeps and blockhouses, not to mention inns and taverns, so there’s no need to pay the gold piece necessary to enter the town unless you wish to explore. It is certainly a place where you might find or learn anything you wish, as Zurich is not only a huge financial capital, but an important scholarly centre, also.

That same day you climb over a series of low hills to the town of Winterthur, where you spend the night (same costs as Zug for entering the town and spending the night). The town is surrounded by a moat and towers, but is neverthless very picturesque. As it is under the nominal authority of Zurich, it has no market, nor does it especially cater to merchants; but the townspeople treat the party well enough.

(OOC: Some Napoleonic buffs might remember the town for an important battle due to take place 249 years in the future).

The second day of travel, you wake to find the surrounding country in fog, which persists for the whole morning.

You find yourself falling in with a group of acrobats who are travelling to Stuttgart; they explain that you need not take the route through Constance, which will be very expensive, but that you can bypass the lake by crossing the Rhine river at Stein – I know the party would deliberate, but as a DM I know nothing will happen, and you will come to the same place either way. Stein is vaguely recognizable ... you passed it when you were travelling down the river on May 18, two weeks and a day ago. 3 c.p. each for yourselves and your two animals will get you ferried across the Rhine. You’ll reach Stein about one in the afternoon. By this time the fog has begun to lift.

From Stein you’re able to find a road to Uberlingen, swinging around the two principal west reaches of Lake Constance, where the country gets a little wild again (for most of two days you will be travelling past small farm after small farm, most of them no larger than 20 to 40 acres in size. Waving to peasants and other travellers has become almost tiresome.

Rain has continued sporadically through the afternoon. You say goodbye to the acrobatic troop at Uberlingen (Delfig will have shared some notes, possibly would have learned how to juggle three balls – roll dex check). From there, five hours on the road will get you to Buchhorn as the sun goes down, about 9 p.m. If you enter the town, it will cost you a s.p. each (it is a Free City), and two s.p. each for the animals ... but the inn where you stay will be the same cost as it was in Zug or Winterthur. The rain has stopped entirely, but the ground throughout is sopping.

The north road will lead the party to Ravensburg and to Ulm; the east road leads to Lindau, the road with which you are familiar – but it would be the longer road home. The north road will meet the road north of Lindau.


Avel said...

I suggest we take the north road. The less time spent to get back the better.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Do you wish me to roll 3d6 for the Dex check or 1d20? I apologize that I've forgotten which you do, as I've recently moved to the 3d6/4d6/5d6 etc..)

I agree, heading to Ulm is a good idea. However, we should be on the watch for unusual animals. We fought a wolf threatening a white stag on our way to Ulm - later, the stag appeared and attacked Jan.

I chuckle in imagining the look Avel gives me.

"Yes, it's been quite the journey."

Andrej said...

"Ulm it is." I've deducted 2 days food and am ready when you guys are to move on.

Alexis said...

A d20 for all ability checks.

Did anyone want to do any buying in Zurich on Sunday? I did not make any provision for the time it would have taken, but I am prepared to overlook it, in the interest of keeping the campaign going.

Chgowiz said...
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Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(sigh - right click, choose "show link in IE tab." How freakin' hard can it be? I failed my intelligence roll as well.)

1d20: 15

While trying to toss balls into the air in some sort of pattern, all I manage to do is allow them to drop on my head and face, which I'm sure will amuse everyone there.

This is why I'm better off singing and playing than I am performing juggling, I'll say to the acrobats. But I thank them for their attempts to teach a klutz like me.

Alexis said...

(OOC: It's a busy day; I will try to put up the next one in an hour or two, otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow)

Andrej said...

No worries on this end, Alexis, I'm also not able to participate much today.