Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afternoon, Hornung's Garden

Thursday, June 5, 1650

The streets are uncommonly filled with soldiers – in some cases, town guardsmen, but more commonly with actual soldiers wearing the livery of Bavaria, dressed in either chain or scale mail (depending upon their importance), and posted at virtually every street corner. The town seems quite oppressed – the people quietly going about their business, very little in the way of smiling faces, no casual gatherings of any kind. While the party moves through the town, they are not harrassed, but it is clear that you are being closely watched by every armed individual you pass.

Hornung dwells in a large house, where Delfig has been before. Upon knocking at the gate, he will recognize a servant whom he may have remembered is named Walter. Walter’s eyes will pop open at the sight of Serafina ... whom he has never seen (saying so) but of whom he has heard a great deal (which he also says).

He shows the party to the garden ... and it is there that Hornung is walking, using a crutch under one arm and doing so with some considerable difficulty. But he does look much healthier, no longer on the edge of death.

Serafina will call, “Eberhardt,” and Hornung will turn, his face turning pale, then filling with amazement and utter joy. He will take one step towards Serafina with the cane, then abandon the cane altogether and take another step – before he can fall, she has reached him, and keeps him from doing so. They embrace, wordlessly, in utter and total love ... there have been no second thoughts, no doubts. He clearly loves her, and she loves him. Even the party members who have developed feelings for her cannot doubt that.


Alexis said...

In answer to Delfig's question on the previous post, the incumbant was removed from office, and replaced with the honorable Patrician Eduard Johannsen ... a wealthy merchant and holder of lands to the south of the city.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(That last paragraph made it all worth it. Thank you.)

I will quietly look down and try to be background while the two have their reunion. In fact, if Walter is still there, I'll look at him and try to indicate silently that we'd like to leave them alone.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Tried to dig in and write it well)

Delfig may try to leave, but as any of the party turns to go (hard core cliche here) Hornung will not allow you to. He will call you over, wishing to sincerely thank you; he will inquire after the presence of Avel and Andrej, and will be most grateful to both of them as well, particularly since Serafina will kiss all four men (Emmanuel included!) on the cheek.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

"Herr Hornung, Andrej and Avel are good friends of mine, bonded in trial and travel as we made our way to Sion and back. I am very happy that we have been able to bring your beloved back to you. She is truly a wonderful woman and you are a very lucky man to hold her close to your heart and you to hers."

I will not relate the story of Jan to Hornung yet - I'd much rather let the two have this happy moment.

Andrej said...

(OOC: well done)

Andrej will bow slightly when named, speaking a quiet greeting hopefully fitting to the moment, but otherwise remain quiet and watch things as they unfold.

Alexis said...

Hornung will apologize that he is in no condition to entertain, else he would set a great feast, and insist on the party spending not merely one night, but a plethora of nights, in his company. He has, however, made a few arrangements.

Walter will bring out a box, with the help of two lower servants. This box is a foot deep, a foot wide and two and a half feet tall. Walter goes about opening it, as Hornung looks on.

In the top compartment is a scroll, giving Delfig the privilege of being a member of the merchant's guild, as prearranged. This will entitle him to the right to rent property, to manage a warehouse, to sell goods to the public or to purchase goods from the surrounding environs, and to ship those goods to other cities in Bavaria.

This top compartment is a small box, which slides smoothly out of the larger box. Once Walter has removed it, it can be seen that the remainder of the box (assured by Hornung that it is all else that the box contains) has in it 462 g.p. and 1331 s.p. - a sum arrived by chance, for it was what Hornung had set aside for the refurbishment of his lands in Calenburg. "This is yours, my friends. Please make what you can of it."

Andrej said...

Oh my! Andrej offers sincerest thanks to Hornung, protesting with no real vigor that it is too princely of a sum.

"Emmanuel, have no doubt that I will stuff you full of venison and wine before we set out ever again!" Quietly, to Avel and Delfig "This should outfit us nicely should we decide to mount an expedition of discovery... perhaps to recover something lost in the passes above Switzerland, eh my friends?"

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I humbly accept Hornung's invitation and thank him.

At the sight of the reward, I bow low to him. "Herr, you are too kind and generous."

I look at the treasure and Andrej and sit down, overwhelmed.

"My friend... you forget the one who is not here. We must first do something with this, at least enough to reflect an equal share for him... to put his soul to rest."

Alexis said...

Serefina will also say, "My friends who brought me here, I have a gift also. Take my carriage and my horses - they are the worse for wear, but they will service you well."

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Intelligence check time - if Emmanuel were to get the carriage/horses and some seed money, would he be able to set himself up with a job like Carlos from our travels? I know his status was unlanded, but I don't recall if he's indentured or if anything restricts him from "moving up" as it were. My opinion is that he has been far more loyal beyond the call of duty and I would want him to take benefit of this.)

Andrej said...

Intiiguing and generous notion, Delfig. Would this be a gift or an investment?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(I was thinking the former, as I came to see Emmanuel as an equal in risk and assistance. Besides, I'm a !@$#!@# bard... I'm more interested in someone investing in MY work. :P )

Andrej said...

"Thank you my lady. You have both been too generous."

"Delfig, if we proceed as you propose regarding Emmanuel, I can think of no more fitting way to honor Jan than to see that his man is taken care of. That is, provided he wishes to be a coachman. I for one would sorely miss both his company and his service."

Alexis said...

Hornung will express a wish to be left alone at this point ... but he would wish to ask for the party to consider a favor on his behalf.

"I have decided to return home, and to leave Dachau," he says. "I have an ancestral keep in Calenburg, near Luneburg ... and also a gatehouse upon the road from Luneburg to Brunswick. Will there be any way that I might ask if you would take it upon yourselves to restore that gate - to oversee its reclamation and restoration?"

Andrej said...

"We shall consider your offer, Herr Hornung, and make plans to meet soon to discuss firhter, yes gentlemen (indicating Delfig & Avel). I can see by the warmth of this reception that there is moch love between you. It is a rare thing indeed, so savor its blessing." At that Andrej offers a short prayer, belssing the re-union and those present, then makes toward the door, signalling Avel to help with the doubtless heavy chest.

Andrej said...

(OOC: sorry for the spelling, trying to multi-task)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Mental note - Hornung leaving Dachau, the town looking like it's become a Bavarian military outpost... this can't be good.)

"Herr, that is an intriguing request. Might I ask that we discuss it more over the next few days so that we can learn more about the particulars?"

I'll leave him be when it's most appropriate and privately confer with Andrej and Avel - and Emmanuel if he's with us. Here's what I'd want to discuss (in followup comments)

1. If Emmanuel doesn't wish to become a coachmen, then I'd suggest we keep the carriage/horses together for the time being as long as we (the 3 or 4 of us) are together. If we decide to split, we can decide then how to deal with them.

2. I would suggest that either way, we cut Emmanuel for an equal share of the reward, as well as a share to the church in honor of Jan. Perhaps a Mass dedicated to him.

3. I'd like to know more about what "reclaim/restore" means.

4. Do we want to tie our future to Hornung?

5. What is going on in Dachau?

6. I have this nice bond with the Merchants Guild. That opens some doors for us. What do you want to do? I still want to pursue my song-writing and bardic career. What do you guys ultimately want to do?

Andrej said...

1. I've never considered us splitting as an option. I assumed we'd return to Dachau with Serafina, collect some reward then plan our next moves... like this post.

2. I wonder if we're being overly "proper" with the funds here. Emmauel is, after all, a servant and Jan is dead. But the gold doesn't interest me as much as the next move, so I'm OK with 4 equal shares if that's your desire. If you want to put Jan's share to good use I'd skip giving to the church, unless you wish to curry favor with it, and distribute something directly to the poor that Jan served in his life as a country friar.

3. Agreed. I figured we could get down to details on the follow-up meeting, but wanted to express a cautious interest to Hornung for now.

4. I think we can serve Honrnung yet maintain our independence. After-all, you're a guilded merchant now and can pursue your own interests. I beleive our interactions with Hornung would be more akin to a business relationship then a lord to bannerman, considering the differences still in caste, etc...

5. I'd say an obvious shift in the power structure, I just don't yet know what it portents.

6. If Emmanuel is willing to be a coachman I think you should sponsor him and be his employer. You might, by law, have to as he has no such accomodation with a guild. By rights, Avel and I would either be bought out of our share of the horses and coaches or brought in as partners. If you've got no interest in that, I'm Ok with that too. I'd really like to try digging up that Lombard gold. The "curse" was just a tavern's tale. The fact that its sitting there, hidden, is driving me nuts.

Andrej said...

Make that 5 equal shares, not four

Alexis said...

Before this conversation goes any further, where will the party go to discuss matters? There's little left to keep you at Hornung's at this time - he agrees to send a messenger to you in a day or two, to outline matters.


I am unsure what composes the '5th share'

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Is there a place at the Merchant's Guild where we can safely store the box? If not, will Hornung allow us to keep it at his place until we can figure out what to do with the wealth?

We'll need to attend to the carriage and horses. Where can we stable them?

I'd prefer to stay somewhere nicer than the old "Pig", but if that's what's available, then off we go.

I believe the 5th share is Jan's share, that we would donate in his name - either to church or poor directly. That was my suggestion.

Andrej said...

Yes, 5th share was Jan's. If we leave the chest here, then I will take from it 20 gold and 20 silver out of my share for now. Otherwise, I say we take it and not leave it with a guild. If Walter or Hornung can recommend a good inn, so be it. The Pig is fine with me, though.

Alexis said...

Delfig, there is such a place in the Town Hall, on the second floor. Believe me, compared to many of the local merchants here, it is a paltry sum, but it can be looked after in a sealed storeroom, accounted for (without needing to know the contents) because you are a member of the guild.

There are nicer accommodations - an Inn called the Brook Bridge, where a town spring arises and drains out of the richer quarter, through the wall and towards the Asper River. It is five s.p. per night for the common room, and a g.p. for a private room - stabling provided free.

While I understand the need to donate money in Jan's name (and even recommend you should do it), because it is not 'his' money - the Catholic faith to which he belongs would be the first to argue that he is now no longer in the need of money - the correct parlance would be to say it is the church's money. And because it is now technically your money, there is a chance that each party member might receive a 'boon,' from the church. It is a shatteringly small chance (1%), but it is something to take into consideration.

Regarding Emmanuel ... he has no interest in acting as a business owner, as he has no talent with money and indeed not much wisdom or intelligence. Rather, he has been excited about travelling with the party, it has opened his eyes to the world and he hopes they will continue to be opened. As far as his 'share,' he denies that he is entitled to any share at all. All he wants is a suit of clothes (adventurer's wear), a helmet for his head, good shoes, a light mace (horseman's) he could use as a fair club, food to live by and permission to keep your company.

For the moment, let me remind the party that gold equals experience. As far as other things, the silver teeth, the carriage, the horses and whatever else the party might someday desire to sell, that was gained through adventuring, is also worth experience. I have resisted giving the final tally towards the experience since there is a question of divisions.

Thus, since Emmanuel wouldn't know what to do with his share, and Jan simply cannot be given one except by proxy through the party, I need to know if the party will accept the church's gold first for the sake of gaining experience from it, and in what capacity, before it is given to the church. The same basically goes for Emmanuel. Will you divide the gold by three and then pay for what Emmanuel wishes and Jan's donation(maximizing your gain) or will you buy what Emmanuel wishes and make the donation, then divide the remainder by three (and thus minimizing your gain).

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Wow, thank you for laying all that out. That is MUCH appreciated.

I personally would go for minimal gain, ensuring that Emmanuel is set up as he needs. He's more than welcome to join us.

If we don't need to store the coins (I hadn't done the division yet), then I say we won't, I'll carry mine with me.

Was Hornung also giving us the box or just what was inside?)

I would suggest the 3 of us stay in a private room at the Brook Bridge so that we may continue to discuss in private.

Alexis said...

Giving the box also, which would be almost completely empty. I estimate the total weight of all the coinage at 33 and a half lbs., assuming a little more than 3 silver coins per ounce and a little more than 4 gold coins per ounce. The total volume for both silver and gold would be something like a third of a cubic foot. There is a tendency to think of it as much more than there is. It might help to remember that a large belt pouch, 10 in. deep, will carry 300 coins.

Andrej said...

Delfig, Avel... I'd like to handle this way: Let's carry the coins in a sack for now and secure lodging at the Brook Bridge in a private room as delfig mentioned. Let's then split the coins three ways (154 gp and 443 silver for Avel and I and 444 to delfig). After that, let's agree on a sum for the church and contribute equally to that. Then, allow me to provide for Emmanuel and then pay Avel and Delfig each 4 gold pieces for moneys borrowed/ expenses covered. If you refuse the coins, I'll simply buy 4 gp worth of food and wine for you.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Andrej - that's fine.

Andrej said...

Alexis: Shall I use the previously sent Dachau market price listings? Is there any room for haggling?

Alexis said...

(OOC: I used to run in a campaign where every single purchase had to be haggled for. Hated it. Just hated it. So let's assume no.)

The previous Dachau market price listings will have to do. I don't have access to any other for the present, as I am not at home and at any rate my table is all pulled apart at the moment (it's what I've been working on this last couple of weeks).

Andrej said...

I'll begin shopping then, but will wait until the actual opportunity arises here to post my purchases. In the meantime, assuming we've been installed at the Brook Bridge, we can begin planning/ discussion. I'll await the go-ahead from you Alexis, in the event there are descriptions you'd like to render or actions to resolve beforehand.

Alexis said...

No, I have not particular discriptions at this time. Assume a well-run, very comfortable plush surrounding (beds without ticks in them!).

It works out to 182 x.p. each.

Andrej said...

That, then, puts me to 2nd level. Should we level up here on the blog or via e-mail?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Woohoo! Congrats! I'm about 46% of the way there.)

Alexis said...

We can do a few things ... this is a logical time. Did I send you a copy of the cleric character file when you first began as a cleric?

If so, you can choose a new first level spell. You can also roll a d8, and add your constitution bonus. Reroll any 1s ... your hit point roll has to be 2 or more.

Andrej said...

Yes, I've got the cleric file and have decided upon Detect Magic. I rolled a 5 for hit points, plus 2 for constitution, for a total of 7.

Andrej said...

I forget, once again, what coin conversion rate you use Alexis, could you please post it? pp to gp to sp to cp? Thanks in advance.

Once at the inn, and in a private room, I say we order food and drink brought to us and discuss our next move once the coins are divvyed up. Lacking some further initiaitive or action on our part, I see five possible tasks before us worthy of pursuing:

1) Seek out Jan's killers and avenge him: both Heroux's were dangerous and the trail is now rather cold. I'm willing to drop it at this point.

2) Return to Switzerland and seek out the treasure of the Lombards: All that gold could just be sitting there! while the gold is truly only of passing interst to me, the finding it is

3) Seek out the tavern keeper who had mentioned the job hunting ghouls for their hearts: I forget how much we could expect to earn from a ghoul's heart and they are rather dangerous creatures... but as a man of the cloth, Andrej would consider it God's work.

4) Find out more about the job Hornung offered.

5) Investigate the recent changes in town.

Is there anything I missed? I prefer #2 but am open to discussion. What are your thoughts Avel and Delfig?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

12 cp = 1 sp, 16 sp = 1 gp, 192 cp = 1 gp - I've put it on my char sheet to remind myself.

I would prefer to know more about the job that Hornung has offered, as well as why Dachau is under martial law. It could have to do with the demon invasion - that may have set a precedence for tighter control. If that's the case, I think I would rather leave Dachau, as I don't want to end up being fingered for being the lever that caused the rift to open.

Right now, I'd like to enjoy my survival a bit. I'd also like to finish my song and see how it turns out. I've been working on it for awhile now.

Let me comment on your tasks so far thought:

#1. I am not interested in finding Herieux and his sister. I already live in some trepidation that they may come after us. Maybe when I'm a more capable person, but for now? No thanks.

#2. I definitely have no interest in finding the Lombard gold. We know a chunk of the story was faked, but we also don't know if there really is a curse. Something about all that freaks me out and I have no desire to find it.

#3. I'd prefer not to get into that line of business.

#4/#5. Agreed. We find out more.

Andrej said...

In that case, I'll let sleeping gold lie and we can focus on #4/#5 provided Avel has no disagreement. Let us enjoy food and drink this night. Tomorrow you can work on your composition while I take Emmanuel shopping for gear (tomorrow is Friday, are the markets available?). I'd also like to purchase a few items for myself. We can then take our leisure, make discreet inquiries about the change sin Dachau if you have contacts you can trust and otherwise await Hornung's message to meet.

Andrej said...

Oh, and the donation to the church. I'm not sure how much you were thinking, delfig, but after outfitting Emmanuel and myself I'll be down to about 33 gold and the 400+ silver. I think to realize a boon the donation needs to amount to a tithe, or 10% of all your posessions.

Avel said...

(Dammit real life, let me game!)

I am confused about the division of gold. I'll go along with what's been decided, but what is the total gp/xp we have received?

(the following proposal is IC, just didn't feel like dividing it into a dialogue)

As for the future... well, I'm is just a fighting man. We're a dime a dozen. Delfig is a bard AND a member in good standing of a merchant guild. I think we should capitalize on that. We have a carriage in our names as well now, and a man who is willing to stick around and drive it for us. I think we have the beginnings of a profitable venture here.

I'm a fairly capable fighter, and my size is more than enough to be intimidating. Emmanuel is competent in his own way. Under Delfig's purview, we can begin a carriage company, including bodyguarding and message carrying. Delfig and Andrej make contacts in their respective fields, and everyone makes some money on the side. At the same time, we learn the region and its people, hopefully picking up information on the way that could lead us to Jan's assassin. Even though I never knew the man, unprovoked murder is a serious crime and we should not allow it to go unpunished.

I think the gold is a wild goose chase. Other adventurers must have had a go at it already. If it is there, it will be hard to find. If we do go, I suggest using what money we have to getter better firepower and protection, as we'll have to fight things like that hippogriff. This would include real metal armor for myself, Emmanuel, and Andrej, heavy ranged weapons for those who could use them, extensive cold weather gear, plenty of food, and maybe a war trained mountain pony or two (if such a thing exists).

I am interested in currying Hornrung's favor. Maybe another job from him would be a good something to do while we figure out or future? I admit to wanting to stay around Lady Serafina for a while.

I agree about the ghouls. Nasty business and too dangerous for men of our means.

The changes in town worries me. Are the princes looking to war again, maybe?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Applause for Avel. That's a capital idea. I like it. (OOC: Mustard farming!)

Avel said...

Thanks Delfig (ha! mustard farming)

I do like the sounds of this gatehouse plan. Maybe we can hire a few men-at-arms to assist, clear out the place, and have the reputation of Hornrung behind us when we start up our carriage business?

Andrej said...

I agree on all counts, gents.

Avel/ delfig divisions were as follows:

gold division: 154 gold and 443 silver each; plus 4 extra gold pieces from Andrej to each of Avel and Delfig as repayment for your generoisity on the road

XP: 182 x.p. each.

I'll be taking care of equipping Emmanuel, and after some thought have decided to opt out of donating money to the church in memeory of Jan. My means of remembering and honoring the man will be to always look out for Emmanuel. You guys are obviously free to decide as you wish. Outfitting Emmanuel comes to about 63 gold pieces, lest you think I'm being cheap. :)

We share the carriage and horses 3-ways and embark on a business together.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC - my company is off for Good Friday, so tomorrow will be my last day for the week to participate.)

Avel said...

I would like to equip Emmanuel as thoroughly as possible. If at all possible, I will be trying to get at least brigandine armor, and something of similar protection for our loyal coachman. As something as obvious and prone to bandit attacks as a coach, we need people who will be exposed to be well armed and armored. We may want to buy Emmanuel a crossbow, as I am utterly incompetent whenever I try to get my hands to cooperate.

Alexis, do you have a price sheet handy for Dachau? Is it possible, under my guidance, Emmanuel could go from a 0-level fighter to a real 1st level fighter?

Maybe we can ask Hornrung to invest in the coach business?

Andrej said...

Before we invest much more specifically in the coaching business, we should probably find out about how much we'd be charging per passenger and what our expenses would amount to. If all four of us are riding along on each trip, how much room will be left for passengers? Does Emmanuel need to be armed to the teeth to pull the reigns if we're all riding shotgun?

Keith said...

I would assume that two of us would be mounted on our own horses, with Emmanuel and one other on the carriage. This is going to require start up money that we may not have, so working another job for Hornrung may be a good idea.

Alexis said...

So many details.


It’s understandable for Avel to make the mistake, but it is almost certain that Jan’s killer was not the man, but the woman, Mme. Herieux you knew her by, who killed Jan. It is unlikely that M. Herieux would have been able to find a means of journeying that would have been as reliable as the carriage the Prefect’s men drove, and its likely his passage on the road would have been noticed (as he was fleeing guardsmen). I did not mention it, because I made the assumption that the party would understand M. Herieux would be unable to catch up to Jan and his ‘sister.’

You say one word about mustard ... mumble mumble.

Emmanuel doesn’t have a hope in blazes of using a crossbow. I’ve been meaning to post his stats – I typically do this in my world with hirelings who last several sessions. Emmanuel was a cotter, which means by my system that he is uneducated and generally of poor health – the sort that was part and parcel with being a peasant in those days ... bad teeth, bad nutrition, and what we would call dismally poor genetics. His stats would be: S 6; I 10; W 10; D 8; C 7; Ch 8. He can’t be a fighter, can’t even be a man-at-arms; he’s -1 to hit with a weapon and by definition can’t have a proficiency in anything but club or staff. He would be -6 to hit with a crossbow, and wouldn’t have the strength to load it. He’d have great trouble with armor. He doesn’t have the stats even to be a thief. Imaginably, he could be a cleric (15% spell failure and 5-8 years of training) or a mage (35% chance of knowing spells and 14-30 years of training). He is basically a servant. It is all he’s ever likely to be. If he had been a man-at-arms, I would have raised him to 1st level fighter ... but as you can see, that wasn’t possible. He is, by the way, already 31 years of age.

It would take me some thought to identify how much you should be charging per passenger – I need to point out that while Switzerland, where the coach was, is very heavily populated, southern Germany is less so. If trade is the purpose, however, had you considered goods? There are a number of things available in Dachau that are not quite so plentiful in Luneburg (not that I’m going to tell you right out).

Avel (keith), you should examine the price of horses – I don’t believe you can afford them yet.


Delfig – how many days have you been able to commit to your song? It will be completed after one week, I believe.

Not a clue as to what ‘brigandine armor’ would be. Just have the traditional stuff on the market page.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

If we assume that I've been working on it in my spare time (evenings and such) which I've tried to declare I was as much as possible, then from about May 17th till now. Would you rule that it's finished?

Based on the bard's post you made, I have a -6% chance of affecting 1 person when I perform this piece. (My INT of 10 makes it a -10% on chance of success, which was 4%.) So I am doomed to failure, but I don't even know it. Heh. I won't have a positive chance until 3rd level. Ah, young, dumb AND poor career choice.

Is the cost mainly for ink/paper? I wasn't looking to produce it on a special instrument.

The effect... well, I suppose "motivation" is the closest, and perhaps to motivate someone to never let love slip through their fingers. More of a personal motivation than anything else. That's what I would be shooting for. (Although with the negative chance for success, I guess I'd end up doing the opposite?)

Andrej said...

I like the idea of moving goods vs. people, provided we can make a profit. Less whining from passangers that way. Also, less charlatans and assasins looking to open up our throats ;)

Assuming Emmanuel and I can purchase goods on Friday (and using the updated Dachau prices):

Emmanuel receives adventurer's wear, a normal helmet, hard, knee-high boots of cowhide and a light mace for 61 gold

For myself I've purchased a woolen doublet (effectively giving me adventurer's wear combined with my current wardrobe) and 2 light maces for 47 gold

In both cases I've used a substantial amount of silver when paying to limit the number of actual coins I'm lugging around. All of my coins are now in my money belt, worn beneath my cloting and armor.

Today I'd also like to cast my new detect magic spell. I'm going to attempt to detect the lombard helmet, amulet/ key and the coin as well as the silver teeth. If you guys can think of anything else you'd like to throw into the pile, let me know before Alexis responds.

Andrej said...

Also, I'd like to use the time spent at market to casually inquire what goods are relatively expensive in Dauchau. From personal experience it seems that iron and woolen goods are rather costly here, but I'm not sure if that's indicative of the world in general compared to my past game experience or a regional characteristic.

Alexis said...


I had ruled that it had to be seven complete days, not partial days; so I think it’s going to take a bit longer. I’m not certain on that percentage rule ... seems off to me. I’ll have a look at it when I get home and I may rework the rule if necessary (you should definitely have a positive chance).

The cost would be for ink and paper ... and probably strings for the lute.

Looking for a larger, more practical motivation ... something in which you would encourage the particular person you were looking to affect to take action to make sure that love does not slip between their fingers. Rather than only a philosophical outlook, it would have to be some intended action that would occur upon hearing the song.

Alexis said...


The load weight of the wagon would be about two tons – with everything the wagon would be carrying applying to that limit. The wagon can be overloaded ... I can see I may have to come up with a quick method of determining the likelihood of a broken wheel and/or axle. Obviously, the heavier it is weighed down, the higher the likelihood.

Bad news – while the clothes and boots can be bought at normal price, the helmet and mace cost an additional 5% fee for not buying them on a Sunday ... however, if Delfig can be pulled from his work long enough to write out a quick note (shouldn’t remove the day from progress on his song), as a merchant he can have this fee eliminated. (I would have to rule that the script provided by Hornung must have included a small stamp that would ‘prove’ Delfig’s instruction.

None of those objects are magical in the least.

Regarding the plentitude of Dachau goods, you’d also want to know what there is a dearth of at your destination ... this can be difficult to know. The safest route is always to move the least common items available. Shipping beer (produced in Dachau) to anywhere in Germany would not be practical) Rarer items tend to be quite minimal in volume, and have the steepest gain in value once moved away from their source. Also, those things with the least number of sources in the world promise the greatest chance of a successful venture. Of course, there’s always the chance you’ll move one rare item to another place where that same rare item is also produced. It can take time to nail down a successful route.

This differs quite a lot from the Traveller system (if you ever played it), where everything was random. My system being insanely complex, the trick is to figure out where the correct route is already made certain. At any rate, the one rule that tends to be certain is that the farther you carry the thing, the better the chance you have of making money from it.

The problem with hauling rare goods is that, by and large, such goods tend to be more greatly monopolized – that is, you will find it hard to buy it at the source, since the sellers already know they can get such and such an amount of money elsewhere (so they will charge you more at the source than you ought to be paying). One solution to this is, of course, to produce the source, and thus you don’t have to deal with a seller, only a buyer.

For example, Dachau and the hills/low mountains to the south and southeast, around Munich and in Upper Bavaria in general, a notable rare produce is cobalt. There are few places in the world that produce this rare metal. You could expect to make a good profit hauling this material elsewhere (cobalt, in my world, is an important material in the making of magical ink). You could obviously do much better if you were able to prospect through those same mountains and find an original source of cobalt, even a small one (a large one would certainly make you very wealthy).

I ran out of energy last night, but tonight I’ll get together a list of items produced in the Dachau area. Other local market sources – that Delfig has access to - would include Ingolstadt, Passau and Regensburg ... so I will provide the products produced in these regions also. It is up to you to decide what you’d like to speculate on, and where you’d like to haul it. Remember always, the more common the product, the less the profit – grain, stone, vegetables & pulses, ore, timber and so on would be the bottom of the pile ... but obviously very easy to produce yourselves. It is easier to build a sawmill than it would be to find a cobalt mine.

Your last point it well made. The more certain means of speculating would be to determine what is expensive in Dachau, and then determine where that material comes from. And then go get it.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

OK, then I will take whatever additional time you rule to complete it, including spending the coin to stay in the private room.

Would I regain hp during this time?

Would I end up buying a "spellbook" for the paper since I can't find anyone selling a sheaf of paper?

My intent is that the listener, if having let love go, will do what they can to seek that one out again and redeclare their love, to try and regain it back.

A & A: let's pay up for 7 days in the room - divide it between us - 7 gold / 3 = 2 gold, 5 silver, 4 copper (yes, I did the math to figure out the thirds... if you want to pay in silver, it will be 37 silver, 4 copper for each of us.

I will write out the writ and stamp it for A & A to get the goods they need. I will also ask them to purchase for me:
- 1 pot of ink (90 silver (5gp))
- 1 quill (8 silver)
- 12 strings (24 silver - I'm assuming a 6 course lute, since I probably have a lower/more crude instrument at 1st level)
- paper (depending on your answer as to my source of paper)

Andrej said...

Alexis, thanks for the thorough response. I'd like to proceed/ comment as follows:

1) Obviously I'd like to get the note from Delfig to avoid the added cost. Unless Herr Kolhupfer has an ojection let's assume we do that.

2) Also, I'd like to find a jeweler or perhaps a lapidary to see if the Lombard Coin has any value as a colection piece. I'm not sure where to inquire re: the helmet, but will also start with the jeweler. These I will try to sell.

3) The assayer would sell silver for 2 sp for 1/10 an ounce. How much would he purchase an oz of silver for?

2) Agree on both needing to know what's lacking elsehwere and how difficult that is from here, short of inquiring with local sources that might be reticent on the matter if they've got a stake already in shipping out. Perhaps here Delfig's new position as a guild memebr will be of assistance.

Assuming we take the job from Hornung prior to agreeing and embarking on an enterprise (coaching vs. hauling, what to haul, etc...) I thought perhaps a trip out of town would provide an opportunity to see what markets elsewhere were bearing or lacking.

Andrej said...

Alexis, would blessing Delfig (as per the spell) aid in his attempt at a worthy song?

Avel said...

I think people would be a more valuable cargo. As Alexis said, local merchants are going to kick our asses at the goods game. Some of these guys, I'm sure, are running routes their grandfathers perfected, with contacts they've known for years. I don't think we'll be able to break into that without a serious stroke of luck.

Andrej said...

Yes and no Avel. Maybe pound for pound people would be more valuable, but we can't pack 2 tons of people on to the carriage. Our carriage ride, which would have taken a day, cost us 5 silvers each. Let's assume like Carlo, we manage to average 6 passengers. That's 30 silvers (just under 2 gold) for a day's work to be split 3 ways after expenses are paid. Now facotr in a less dense population in southern Germany vs. Switzerland and the fact that unless there's a regualr reaosn for travel between twoplaces that we can rely upon, we might not get even 6 passangers. No, I think if we're going to get into this, speculative trading is the way to go.

Alexis said...


Probably not the nicest way to DM, but creativity isn’t “resting” ... believe me. But your friend Andrej is more than capable of healing your hit points.

Paper (parchment & the alternative) should be on sale, at the scribner’s. If it isn’t, I will have a look at the table and make sure that it is.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Not looking for nice, just to understand what is possible and isn't. I very rarely complain, unless I'm getting ultra railroaded. Or confused. Trust me. I'm not always a nice DM either.

A scroll parchment (suitable for 1 spell level) is available, but not regular paper. If I need to use the scroll parchment, that's fine.

Alexis said...


The jeweler can’t see anything particular in the metal, but he isn’t a collector – a collector might make a better assessment of it, and he recommends finding a jeweler in a larger city, perhaps Munich or Nuremberg. He will offer you a g.p. for the coin. The helmet wouldn’t fetch any better price here than an ordinary helmet ... again, you might want to try Munich, where there is a meaningful artistic community (I’m thinking I might be making a mistake here – I know there’s an artistic group about, and I don’t think its in Dachau – damn this being away from my books!).

Selling in general – presume that it will be sold at 60% of its given value. Delfig, a member of the guild, might sell it for better – if he had the time – say, for 60-90% of value (2d4 x 5% +55%).

Blessing Delfig would give him a +1 chance to hit the page with his pen.


I’ll fix that and give you a price this evening.

Andrej said...

I'll hang on to all the Lombard items for now until we can find out their acutal worth. The chain and amulet I'll wear. The coin I'll keep handy and the helmet I'll stow with my gear for now.

Also, will purchase 2 wool blankets (one for me/ one for Emmanuel) and a cowhide backpack (also for Emmanuel).

If neither of you guys posess a lantern and oil, that might be something we consider buying for Emmanuel as well. Let me know.

Andrej is basically complete the in-town business. At this point he'll just be waitng for word from Hornung and taking some leisure. After the Sabbath (which I'll be observing), if having heard no word from Hornung Andrej might want to go poking around the town or countryside a little while Delfig works out his song.

Alexis said...

We'll leave this post up for further questions. I am also gone for tomorrow, though I'll be checking my email at home; I am off until next Tuesday. Once the details are pounded out, I'll begin with the next events.

Alexis said...

By now you will have noticed that 'minting' is on the list as being central throughout Bavaria, and here I am sending Andrej to Munich. My error. If I may back up time a bit ...

The jeweler (knowing everything about coinage, as does everyone in this part of the country, something the DM did not know until a day ago) looks at Andrej's coin ...

"Very rare, and quite valuable. I would guess it at the sixth century, certainly no later than 625. The work is evidently that of Andreas of Tyrol, a sculptor who operated a mint in town called Aguntum near Lienz ... the town and the mint were destroyed by Slav invaders about 625, and that is how the date of the coin can be certain. Andreas was past by then, but the stamps would still have been -"

The jeweler looks more closely at the coin. "Ah yes, you can see, here on the edge of the coin. The stamp had clearly begun to degrade. This coin was definitely made after Andreas had died. I can say with certainty that the coin was made between 595 and 625 A.D."

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I will have Avel & Andrej purchase 10 scrolls for 20sp. That is also now deducted.

Once I have an idea of the success or failure of my creation, I'll turn my attention to the plans of my companions.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I thank the DM!) Then I thank the jeweler for his expert assesment and admit that I lack the fondness for the item that an appreciative collector would have. Would he be interested in its purchase, or know of a potential buyer other than himself? Further, if more of the coins could somehow be obtained would there be a market for them here in Dachau or elsewhere?

Andrej said...

I also mention to the jeweler that I am partnered with a recently bonded member of the merchant's guild, Delfig Kholupfer.

Alexis said...

(OOC: not at work today, so I'll be doing different things, and won't be online continuously. But I'll check in a few times)


I've been looking through my own rules, and I cannot find any modifier that would lower your chance of success; also, the chance of success is not your chance to 'produce' the artwork ... it is assumed that the artwork is automatically made. The percent chance is the artwork's ability to affect a given person. As well, I'm thinking that the 'number of persons affected' only means at any given time.

Artwork is a particularly difficult thing to quantify ... and as such, rules that affect it must be viewed with extreme flexibility. Said rules are only there to give a general scope of the work - not to definitely establish absolute maximums.

For example, it is hardly likely that a particular song would affect only 1 person in all the world, as suggested by the rule. So I am thinking, when the song is played, there is a 4% chance that it will affect one person within the radius surrounding Delfig. Play the song to 30 people at once, and you have a decent chance of affecting your one person. But that opportunity occurs again the next time you play your song to 30 different people.

Alexis said...


He will offer 56 s.p. for the coin (I did say it was copper, right?)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...


The modifier I'm speaking of is found in your original Bard post, 8th paragraph under the ARTWORKS section:

"The intelligence of individuals will reduce the chances of success, with a –10% modifier offered to each point of intelligence less than 11. There is no corresponding bonus modifier for intelligence."

I think I assumed it would apply to different groups, but that is good to know my assumption is correct.

Thanks for the explanation. Enjoy your offday.

Alexis said...

Well, this is embarrassing ... but SO typical of playing a game that gets modified.

Months and months ago, I made some heavy changes to the written out Bard character, and had thought those changes had been saved. I printed out the character into a book that the players use, so I've had no need to use the actual computer file in ages ... and I assumed, when I sent the computer file to Delfig, that I had sent the fixed version.

As it happens, no I didn't. And worse, there is no fixed version saved anywhere. So I am scanning a copy of the rules as they are now, and sending them by email ... you will find there are less restrictions now than there were.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Andrej said...

Alexis: re the coin, yes you did say it was copper. I will sell it for 56 silver. I will then show the money to Delfig and Avel, giving them 18 silver apiece. Are you guys certain that you don't want to return to the pass and at least poke around a little?

Alexis said...

Upon selling the coin, each member of the party reaps 1 X.P. each.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

What I'm certain about is that I would like to finish my composition! Then we can talk our futures.

Avel said...

I have been convinced! To the pass we go!

Besides, treasure means start-up money for the company.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Shh!!! I am trying to work here, yannow...

Andrej said...

Oh, to be joined in the company of the tempermental artist...

Andrej said...

Alexis, is there any kind of mining that happens in or around Dachau?

Alexis said...

Yes, Andrej ... cobalt, that I mentioned before. And anything in small amounts that might appear on the availability table I sent.

The party did get that list, right?

By the way, the next post is up.

Andrej said...

Yes got it... somehow I missed the cobalt when scanning it for raw materials vs. finished goods.