Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pre-Dawn, Down the Furka Pass

Friday, May 30, 1650

It is a race, but the party does get over the top of Furka pass an hour before sunset. As it happens, the route down proves as difficult with the carriage as the route up, as the horses must be used to check the uncontrolled progress of the vehicle, so it doesn’t get away and roll off the road. Still, the slope is less steep on the far side, and the party makes good progress. It is an hour after sunset when you find a good place to rest, at the edge of the treeline (you could not stop before that point, for reason of the following sentence). You must make a fire (the weather is nasty cold at night up here, and a fire will be necessary for survival), and you will probably eat even though it is late. Sunset is at quarter after nine p.m., so it is not quite midnight when the party settles down to sleep.

I presume watches are set. It happens that when Andrej takes his watch, he hears a distinct sound, close by, that it takes several seconds to identify.

It is Serafina, quietly sobbing.


Andrej said...

Rather unsure of himself but nontheless wanting to help, Andrej approaches her quietly, but not too closely "My lady, I do not wish to presume... but if you have need of a sympathetic ear I am at your service."

Alexis said...

Serafina stops crying immediately, and does not answer.

Andrej said...

Andrej will wait out the remainder of his watch without further comment.

Alexis said...

You do not hear her make any other sound while you're awake that night.

Alexis said...

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