Thursday, February 4, 2010

Midday, Sion

Tuesday, May 27, 1650

Serafina, having appeared in travel clothes, addresses the party,

"Good gentlemen; I give you my faith, for Sister Margareta tells me you are good men of good intent, and that you have no malicious purpose; and therefore I will accept your word that Eberhardt does call me and that this journey will not be wasted.  I would ask you however, do you know what sort of man you bring me to?  And what nature of deeds he did before he and I met?  It has been eight years since he and I parted ways ... I do not know what sort of life he has lived in that time.  He did not give me cause to believe, when he turned his back on me, that he would choose a righteous path - there has been war in Germany in that time, and I have been told by Father Jan that Eberhardt did not avoid that war.  You should know therefore that you may be taking me to a man most unvirtuous, though he never was towards me.

"I have myself changed these eight years.  Then I was young and unknowing ... but the sisters have taught me and trained me, and I know more of the world than Eberhardt, or even Father Jan may have known.  I go knowing what man I may be meeting.  But do you good gentlemen know?  This is no song of love."


Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I look at Serafina slowly and nod, marshalling my words carefully.

"My lady, I can only tell you what I know and what I have seen with my own eyes. I first came to know Herr Hornung from my recent days in Dachau. He did indeed serve in the war, but is known as a Paladin. He was well liked in Dachau and had even the possibility of running for Mayor. However, a dark evil sprung up in Dachau - a hole ripped in its ground that lead to the very bowels of Hell. He stood up to the foul demoness that sprang from that hole and slew her, but at the cost of nearly his life.

With my own ears and eyes, he said that "she cannot wait" and bid Jan to bring this crucifix to you to bring you back. It is my belief that he wishes to make amends for his youthful foolishness. In death, all Men discover certain truths about themselve and I believe that it may be he has discovered that his love for you is a greater truth than the poor life he led before. I do not know this for certain, but Jan believed it and gave his life coming here to fetch you. All I can say, good woman, is to make of my tale what you will."

Andrej said...

"Nicely said, Deflig. He speaks for me as well, madame, for I know Herr Hornung by reputation only. I embarked upon this errand as a favor to Jan, who was my good friend, and it would please me to see it done if you are willing to come with us."

(OOC: just what have these nuns been teaching her, I wonder, that she would seem so wordly?)

Alexis said...

"Do not concern yourself, good Delfig" (for she will have learned your name; "I will travel with you, for I have thought of little else but him. I wonder however, if enemies that Eberhardt had once now cease to follow him, as they once did. If not, they will seek to stop me from rejoining him - we should be careful in our travel ... but we cannot do that until I first collect my things. We must go to an inn in the town, where it has long been in storage."

Andrej said...

Let us escort her to said inn and prepare to be on our way.

Avel said...

"In any case, Lady, we will do our best to take you home.""

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I nod in agreement with Serafina.

"You have voiced my fear - that we have enemies on the road. The assassins that we ran into earlier, one of whom took Friar Jan's life, they are still out there. I ruined the plot of one, and I'm sure he'd take his revenge upon us all in return. it will be good to plan the safest trip home."

I'll accompany her to the Inn.

(Just out of curiosity, how does hiring henchmen/hirelings work in your world? Put up notices? Troll the bars? Talk to a guild?)

Andrej said...

(OOC: So, are we kaput now? I sure hope not.)

Chgowiz said...

(OOC - I'm assuming Alexis is swamped with his new responsibilities. He hasn't called it, but we'll see. I'm a patient man.)

Avel said...

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