Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late Evening, Altdorf

Friday, May 30, 1650

The road winds down and down through steep mountains, finding its way along another river than the one you left behind, fording the river again and again in the narrow valley. As the sun drops below the tops of the mountains, the peaks glisten, turn golden, then bronze, then a dark coppery red as the valley darkens with dusk. While the sun has not yet ‘set’, it is an hour below the tops of the mountains before you arrive at Altdorf. The picture is legitimate, and close to what you’d see (except the street lights) as you came into town.

The recommended Inn, the Chamois, is a sprawling, massive chalet of three stories, with two balconies, with hearths, on the top floor, each with spectacular views of the valley. It will cost a g.p. per person per night to stay there – and rooms are scarce. Only one is available. There are many lights, and the odor of a brewery nearby, and apparently a gathering upon one of the two balconies.


Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Very lovely picture)

I believe that Serafina should have the room. Is there a common area or do we sleep in the barn?

Andrej said...

I'm in favor of Serafina getting the room, but I'm hoping we can do better than 1 gp each if we're sleeping in the barn.

Alexis said...

The room is quite large, quite comfortable for five people - and Serafina refuses to be treated like a princess. She will tell you, "We slept together outdoors, we can sleep together under a roof!"

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(How did I know she was going to say that...)

Then we'll bunk together. Whatever means she wishes to take for propiety's sake is fine with me.

In the meantime, I'll pay for myself and then seek out food and a possibility to try a few bars from my upcoming song creation about Hornung and Dachau. Any coins are appreciated. I'll also inquire as to best (safest) routes to Dachau or Munich.

Avel said...

"Andrej, do you have enough money to pay for yourself tonight?"

I will pay for myself, and give Delfig 5 gp to spread around if necessary.

"Don't be concerned about saving money if you think it can help us get back. I don't know this country at all, and I'd prefer to have concrete directions or a guide for a high price than to wander the mountains of Europe until bandits or hippogriffs do us in. It'd be nice if it does not cost us much, but better to spend the money than be buried with it."

"Andrej, I know you have been keeping track of food. Is there anything we need to buy tomorrow morning before we leave?

Andrej said...

I'm good regaridng funds, Avel. As for provisions, perhaps some salt pork? :)

Consider one gold spent for the room and then Andrej will go about the business of acquiring food and drink.

Also, I'd like to ask the proprietor of the Chamois if he/ she is aware of anybody in town who might be interested in buying or selling items of antiquity, such as arms and armor perhaps.

Delfig, are you able to detect magic?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Any cost for stabling the horses or is that included?)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

To Andrej:

I wiggle my fingers, sing a quick tune and say "Yes, you're quite the magical being. You might even be fey." (chuckle)

Andrej said...

"Indeed. Can you also detect thoughts?"

Avel said...

"I hear salt pork burns faeries. Maybe we should get some, just to be sure."

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

"Yes, but comparing me to our donkey is very unfair."

Alexis said...

Seeking out food:

While a fair sized town, Altdorf is not a market town, and has very little to offer in the way of buyable goods. This being the end of May, all the stored food from the previous season is more or less gone, and harvest is still three months away. While a slaughtered lamb or other similar meat (a piglet or chicken) is available, such meat is fresh and not dried/salted for travel. You can learn from the locals that Zug is half a day away by carriage, and Zurich is a half a day beyond that – and Zurich in a considerable-sized market town, with everything available.

Location & Travel:

You discover to your moderate chagrin that you are much closer to your goal that you expected. It will take you a day and a half to reach Lake Constance and the town of Constance, which you passed through on the barge from Lindau to Olten. From Constance you can find a boat to Lindau, or even to a town called Buchhorn which is closer to Constance and also has a road to Augsburg.

You’ve left the ‘uncivilized part’ of Switzerland – everything past this point is very populated, until you reach the Germany country north of Lake Constance.


As a first level, you are developing somewhat and you manage to sing for several groups of people, between historical tales told by an old half-elf from Trentino. Delfig nets 17 s.p. and 40 c.p. from donations (Altdorf tends to be filled with wealthy patrons.


This is the town where the famous William Tell shot an apple off his son’s head – you find a statue in the main square, commemorating the event.


Included with room.

Andrej said...

Thanks for the info Alexis.

And the laughs, Delfig & Avel.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Thank you!)

If I could ask (and if you are so inclined to generate the info) what historical tales? I'd like to keep track of tales and see if there's anything I could use in a song later on.

Has any word of what happened at Dachau made it this far? Has anyone mentioned anything? Or is that too remote to really be of note here?

"I would prefer to take the most direct route, which seems to be Constance, Buchorn and Augsburg."

Alexis said...

Those would be general tales of things happening long ago. Of Charles Martel over the Moors, of the decline of Rome, of the conquering of the Byzantines by the Lombards, that sort of thing.

I should say that Serafina has wandered along with Delfig, and is enjoying his songs. Is anyone else at this particular tavern?

Andrej said...

Yes, Andrej is taking in the songs and some food and drink.

Avel said...

Avel will tag along with Andrej.

Andrej said...

"As for travel, what of a route to Munich then Dachau, possibly skipping the boat ride? If we are still concerned about enemies on the road, and out of the wilderness wouldn't that be wisest assuming there is such a way?"

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

"I would prefer speed rather than the road. We can also see to charter a boat to ourselves."

Alexis said...

"Large enough for my carriage?" asks Serafina.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(Argh! Sorry!)
"Good point, Fraulein. I suppose we will have to see what is available... or simply follow the road Constance and Lindau... if possible."

Andrej said...

"There are likely reputable-looking merchants about... or perhaps a burgomeister in town, that could inform us? I don't want to take advice from just anyone."

Avel said...

"I doubt we'll have too much trouble on the road. A carriage with five passengers is a daunting prospect to anything, be it bandit or bear. I think staying on the road would be best."

"Does anyone here have any experience with carpentry? If possible we may want to pick up a spare axel or wheel in the event of damage to the carriage."

Alexis said...

The bartender will comment that you all seem to be in good spirits.

Andrej said...

"Aye... we are approaching our journey's end. Here's to new beginnings."

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I will buy a round of drinks for my companions.

"Indeed, we are in good spirits for we have food, warmth and roof over our heads tonight. We are nearer to home than we thought. Life is as good as it can be, considering."

Alexis said...

One of the patrons at the bar will call out to the old man storyteller, "Valerio, is there a treasure in the mountains?"

"Yes Valerio, tell the one about the treasure."

"But my friends," he says, "There is no treasure!"

At this the whole bar roars out in laughter, as though at a great joke.

"But I promise you!" he says beseechingly. It is only followed by more laughter.

"You can't lie to us!" cries out one patron.

"Say where it is!"

"Say where it came from!"

Valerio puts up his hands. "Very well, very well ... if I must!"

Andrej said...

Very interesting...

Alexis said...

Next Post.