Monday, January 18, 2010

Morning, Bern's Town Hostel

Wednesday, May 21, 1650

It is the next day.  Last night, Tenzig made arrangements for Emmanuel, Andrej and Delfig to sleep in a hostel near the front gate, at the cost of a silver piece each.  Arrangements were made for Jan's things, discounting those clothes needed for his burial: a cloak, a 3" silver holy symbol, a set of oaken prayer beads, Hornung's pendant, a pair of low, cowhide boots, a comb, a small belt pouch and a pair of grey woolen gloves.  What coin he may have had was taken, though by who you can only guess.

You were given a chance to speak with Carlo, who cannot say how the fight inside the carriage started.  He was riding on top, heard the commotion beneath and soon afterwards found his face smothered under cloth.  He lost control of the wagon, did not see the tree before hitting and had a recollection of flying through the air.  When he woke, it was dark.  He staggered to the road, found Jan in the carriage covered in blood, still barely alive.  Carlo was able to flag down the milk deliverer, but though they moved Jan to the wagon, he died on his way to Bern.  Carlo does not remember any peasant, never saw a peasant and did not know he was leaving a body behind when the wagon took him and Jan to town.  Although the conversation happened the night before, I will still answer any questions.  On your word with Tenzig, Carlo will be released.  He intends to return to his carriage to salvage it.  He has a partner in Olten, who he will send a boy to fetch, and feels he will be able to return to his business in a week or two.

Delfig and Andrej are able to heal a point of damage each (if they need it), and may consider themselves at full spell ability.  The question arises: what now?


Alexis said...

(OOC: I'm afraid I won't be here today, apart from writing this post. Divide up Jan's goods, decide what you'd like to do next. Emmanuel knows - from description - the way to Sion. Ask whatever questions occur to you and I shall answer them tonight when I get home)

Andrej said...

Delfig, take Hornung's pendant as I feel that is most appropriate. I recommend we make a gift of the holy symbol to Emmanuel, who loved the friar more than us. If you'd rather have it yourself, then I'm fine with that as well. The clothes, too, should go to Emmanuel unless there is an item amongst them you favor. I'd like to have the prayer beads, though I already have a set.

After a night's rest I shall explain to Emmanuel and Delfig my intentions. In precedence over the task for Herr Hornung, I would seek to avenge the murder of Jan. I understand both Herieux's are dangerous and most likely higher level than us (by my estimation Jan was at least 5th level and he's dead), but there it is nontheless.

Emmanuel is of course under no obligation to us, and free to go, but also free to stay and work toward the stated goal should Delfig agree upon it. In the event we're all committed to the above, I'd like to try and contact the juror we spoke to last night and see about getting a Speak with Dead cast upon Jan.

If not, let us discuss our next course of action.

Given Carlo's account of what happened, I can think of only one possible question... was there any clue he can recall that would indicate who smothered his face prior to the crash (perhaps the smell of some perfume...)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC: I am hard pressed today as well, so this break is welcome.)

I do need the healing, as I had suffered 2hp damage from a flying kettle.

I will agree to investigate Jan's death through the day, to listen to what Andrej finds through his Spell.

My desire is to fulfill Jan's charge - get to Serafina in Sion and return her to Hornung. The Herieux's may be involved, or they may not be. The spell will tell us much, and I will reserve my final decision depending on what we find out.

I agree that Emmanuel is free to choose as he likes - I will not begrudge him his revenge. I feel it's my duty to Jan and Hornung to fulfill his mission.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

In preparation for heading out alone to Sion, I would ask Emmanuel the way, inquire to carriage costs or other transportation there. I would also ask him to tell me how I can find Serafina in Sion.

I'd also look in town to buy a cloak with hood, flint/steel, a latern and 3 flasks of oil.

Andrej said...

Delfig, I do not like the idea of splitting the party. Let's ascertain Emmanuel's wishes, spend the day in investigation and decide on the morrow what to do. I understand your desire to see to the task for Hornung, but I'll have trouble leaving the Herieuxs behind and on the loose. Let's see what we see, shall we?

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Andrej, I do intend on seeing what you find from the "Speak with Dead" spell. My final decision will not be made until then, but even if I should go with you, I still require a few things in town.

Alexis said...

I was going to set up the speaking with dead scene with Jan, but as there is only one pertinent piece of data, I’m going to gloss over it. In all honesty, Jan knows nothing he can tell except that the woman, Mme. Herieux, struck first and by surprise, clearly indicating that she is an assassin. Being in the carriage, his view was nil or nothing; he did not die until on the wagon to Berne, so I cannot even describe what he might have seen as his soul ‘rose up to heaven.’

Emmanuel will graciously accept the clothes and the holy symbol, with much gratitude. He feels very much as though he is under obligation to both party members, and wishes to remain with you. In his ordinary life, he was nothing more than a cotter. It is a step up for him to be a servant, and he likes both of you. He has information on the nunnery whereat Serafina resides. Regarding his wishes, he would like to complete Jan’s purpose.

I should like to point out, regarding the suggestion of going after the Herieuxs ... you actually have no information for where they might be. Tenzig has many resources to search the countryside, but as he did not allow you to be present at the investigation of Jan’s spirit (the other cleric did not allow it), he is not likely to employ either of you as searchers. Avenging, then, might be a problem.

Carlo’s smothering would include only a cloth pulled over his face, to blind him. In the panic, he can’t remember a smell (though if he did catch that whiff, it might trigger his memory).

Sion is three days away, and likely the party will need to walk to get there.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Purchases I'd like to make (I'm posting this in case there is any interaction required, otherwise just an FYI - they are noted on my CRS now.)

Tinderbox - 15gp
4 torches - 8sp

Andrej, it would seem that our choices are limited with regards to the Herieuxs. Indeed, while we might be able to sniff out the clues from the outside, we might also find ourselves overmatched. We also have to consider that we are possibly marked and hunted by these two - your chance for revenge might come with us fighting for our lives against them! Let us carry on Jan's original quest, get Serafina and see if we can find a way back to Dachau that doesn't necessarily double back along this way.

Andrej said...

You are wise and measured in your reasoning, Delfig, while I am brash and emotional. Let us stay here the rest of the day then, to rest a little more, and set out for Sion by foot at first light (that would bring me closer to full hp).

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I laugh bitterly. "No, if I was wise, I would have recognized Jan's plea and stayed with him irregardless of what the townsfolk wanted. All of my choices so far have left people dead and it seems that a curse follows me where ever I go. All I can do is help foster love by returning Serafina to Hornung and trying to live an honest life."

(I too need to heal an hp. Would a "gluepot horse" be of any use in carrying our items or is it too decrepit?)

Alexis said...

A gluepot horse would (it is good for everything, even plowing, but cannot be ridden on account of its back). I'd like to point out, however, that you already have a donkey in your possession, the gift of the town of Langenthal.

The goods on the donkey amount to 1 1/2 sacks of flour, 2 sacks of beets, 1 sack of potatoes, six bottles of beer, 3/4 of a paper box of sugar, 3 paper boxes of salt, and 4 bottles of linseed cooking oil.

May I assume then that you will be leaving Thursday morning?

Alexis said...

Sorry, meant to mention, if you do remain resting until Thursday, you will automatically gain back a hit point from rest.

Andrej said...

I'd like to remain, yes. I'm ready to move out Thursday morning when you guys are, less 2 silvers.

OOC: I'll be offline and away for most of the day 1:30 EST, but can check back in tonight (~ 8:30PM EST)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Yes please. And yes, I had forgotten about the donkey. Thank you.

Alexis said...

Continued on the next post, then.