Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late Afternoon, Lausanne

Friday, May 23, 1650

The journey from Bern to Lausanne passes uneventfully, but takes far longer to accomplish than anticipated.  Emmanuel, remembering that Carlo had told him that it took a day to travel from Berne to Lausanne, failed to remember that it was in reference to travelling by carriage.  As such, the actual journey takes two days.

This will mean that from Lausanne, it will still take two days to travel to Sion.

As Jan can no longer feed the party, I must now insist that the party keeps track of its own food.  Typically, on a day of rest, each person must each 1 lb. of food a day, and 2 lbs. on any day of travel or combat.  A sack of vegetables is 22 lbs.; a sack of flour, 21 lbs (slightly less, but the food can be stretched); a sack of potatoes, 26 lbs.  A box of salt will last 1 person 42 days.  1 lb. of flour requires 1 oz. of oil, and there are 8 oz. of oil per bottle.  Sugar is optional.  I am working up tables for poor vs. good diets, but I'm fairly lax about that now.  For reasons that are slightly beyond me, I've dispensed with the 'rations' approach to food ... I'm convinced there's more role playing to be found in players actually knowing what they're eating.  The only trouble at present is managing the effects of choices.

Do not forget to account for all three of you; the donkey will forage as it travels.

Lausanne is on Lake Geneva, where boats can be hired to journey from Montreux at the east end of the lake (shown on the map) to Geneva at the other.  I was able to find this spectacular picture to give a sense of the countryside on the south shore.  The journey to Sion requires going up the river valley on the left side of the picture, to a fairly low pass over the mountains into the Prince-Bishopric of Sion.  I searched all over for a similar picture (or any picture)of that valley, and found myself stymied; so in fact you move off this picture fairly quickly, as soon as you climb into that valley.  You'll end up exiting on the left side of the map, through the village of Monthey.  Gives a strong sense of what country you're climbing up into, no?


Andrej said...

Very strong sense. I'm already photo-shopping the names out so that I can use it in my campaign the next time the players decide to hit the mountains.

I'm pretty spent after a long day, but if Delfig allows, I'll take over as the party cook and tomorrow morning post what we've eaten on Thursday after I reconsider our supplies.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Please do! I have to admit, that is something I'm perfectly happy to let you do always!

Alexis said...

Do you wish to catch the evening boat to Montreux? It's a day's walk, but can be managed in four hours at a cost of 1 g.p. each, and 2 g.p. for the donkey.

Andrej said...

Delfig, I cannot afford boat passage. I'm fine with a day's walk.

As for meals, given the ingredients I should be able to muster up some potato dumplings with beets, seasoned with salt. At 2 lbs. of food each for travelling, Alexis, I'll deduct 3 lbs of flour and 3 lbs of beets from our stores. I'm not sure how we're set for cooking equipment. I have a pot and can make the dumplings on a flat stone prior to dropping into the pot if we lack anything else.

Alexis, now that I'm the cook I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for chances to score fruit, nuts and small game or fish as we walk along. If we see another warthog, get that crossbow ready Delfig.

P.S. could Delfig teach andrej how to read?

Alexis said...


The little bit of fruits and nuts you can find will help supplement your diet. As a cleric and bard/thief, hunting game is not a forte however; it takes a secondary skill to supply food by that method. Regarding Andrej's learning to read, it is something that his masters tried to do at seminary school, and failed.

Andrej said...

How about simply taking meat from a kill? The warthog, for instance. If we run into another agressive and edible foe, one we don't have to track and hunt, will we know enough to make a meal of it?

Andrej said...

P.S. I meant to say 3 lbs of potatoes vs. flour...or maybe 2 of potato and 1 of flour to make 3. How specific do we want to play this? I'm Ok with simple resource management somewhat above and beyond the normal "subtract a day's rations", but I'm also willing to go as far with it as you guys are, being something of a hobbyist cook in my spare time.

Alexis said...

I'm happy with just the subtraction of food. I'll accept a certain knowledge in the butchery of animals, remembering that meat from the gut, if butchered wrong, can lead to diseases.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Sorry gents, been a crazy morning for me.

I'm fine with walking as well.

Andrej said...

I've subtracted our Thursday allotment of food, 2 lbs. each (x3) for travelling, and am ready to move out.

Andrej said...

meant to say friday allotment. sorry.