Monday, December 7, 2009

Morning, Olten

Monday, May 19, 1650

Prior to the sun's rising, the captain directs the party on board once again, the lines are laid out for the hauling animals and with the daybreak, the boat is again ascending the river.

I believe earlier I called the river the 'Aau' ... which wasn't right.  It is the Aar.  As you ascend, it is only two bends of the river before you reach the town of Aarau, a little town of about 1,300.  Only three miles further up the river, a journey that takes almost three hours, you reach the town of Olten (pictured), perhaps a third bigger than Aarau.  This is the boat's destination.

Jan will send Emmanuel off to locate a pack animal.  Jan himself will choose to sight-see.  He pays out a silver piece from the communal store for Andrej to enter the town (11 s.p. left), paying his own way and letting Delfig manage.

The most significant thing about the town is the bridge over the river Aar, the largest bridge the party will be likely to have seen.  It is more than 400 years old.  I believe it is the one pictured on the right side of the pic.


Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC - CRS updated - 1sp deducted)

(Uhhh... quick question - is this an "Orange" town or a Catholic town?)

I will accompany Jan on his sight-seeing and take in the town and it's beauty. If this is a town where Jan's religion will be an issue, I will ensure that I look as hulk-like as possible as an escort for Jan.

Alexis said...

You may assume that every town in Switzerland is an 'Orange' town. There are a few exceptions, but you won't be passing through those. Bern and Lausanne are very tolerant ... other towns, less so. You won't be passing through any towns which could be considered confrontational (unless you choose to leave the main roads), however, and Olten is on a main route between Germany and both France and Italy; so there would be many Catholic visitors. Doesn't do to persecute them.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Noted and thanks. I'll follow Jan's lead since he appears to be familiar with travel.

If he goes to the market, I'll take a look around - books or manuscripts or even music if that's available.

(OOC - playing this game is a dangerous invitation to spend a LOT of time investigating my own answers to questions like "what kind of books and music was available for sale in the 17th century...)

Alexis said...

Remember, Jan has never been south of Ulm before. This is his first trip to Switzerland.

If you want to buy, say so and I'll conjure up a price list for Olten, then email it to you (working on a complicated post for Tao of D&D, but a price list only takes five minutes). The book subjects available would be anything from my Books post a few weeks ago, where the subject heading gives a number of 10 or more. The cost for a common subject book is listed in the price table I would send you.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Take your time on the price list, if there is a book available within my price range, I'll be purchasing it.

I'm looking for music books to help me with my composition:
J. Music (143)
1. General Introduction (12)
2. Criticism and Effects (19)

I'm thinking as low level as I am, intro and criticism are my best choices. :D

Alexis said...


I've sent you the price list; you'll notice that a 'common book' on the table is only 13 s.p. Did you want me to provide you with a title? I'll do so for each subject heading you suggested: 1) What to Listen for In Music; 2) Human Values in Music Criticism.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Excellent. I'll pick up both. I should note that I'm using my spell book as my composition book, which may not have been the smartest thing to do, but for now, that's what I'm doing. Like a diary of sorts.

What does Jan think of the town?

Alexis said...

Hah. I'm probably going to make you buy another spell book at second level.

(OOC: Incidentally, I'm curious. Does it 'feel' as though the party is travelling through Switzerland? Or are these descriptions generally unconnected?)

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I figured. :)

(OOC - Yes, there is a sense of travel and based on your descriptions of what changes and how the people change. I'm glad this is in blog format so I can go back and look at things to refresh my memory.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Guys, on top of a computer meltdown thanks to what must be a virus I've got a sudden work commitment to travel tomorrow. Keep going, play Andrej to the extent that you can or must and I'll try to catch up later in the week. So sorry.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: No worries, Andrej. We will continue, you can slip back in when you get the opportunity)


Emmanuel returns, without a pack animal, breathless. "Masters," he says. "I have found better transportation. There is a carriage route to Lausanne - it will carry us where we want to go in less than half the time. But it will cost 4 s.p."

"That would be a good thing, I think," answers Jan. "What say you, friend Delfig? Would you rather walk or ride?"

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I smile at Emmanuel. "Excellent work! Who owns the carriage and will we be sharing it?"

"Jan, you say 'I think'... do you have concerns about taking a carriage?"

Alexis said...

"Not at all," answers Jan. "I make a small jest."

Emmanuel will answer Delfig's question: "It is a regular service, there are carriages that run out daily." he says. "Decent people, these Swiss, whatever they might believe."

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I nod, relieved. "Then let's gather our things and take the carriage. If you do not have enough of the combined funds, I can be of assistance."

I'll help with Andrej if needs be.

How many people would fit in these carriages? Are there tolls that we'll need to take care of?

Alexis said...

"The carriage carries six," explains Emmanuel. "We will have to ride with two others. I have done put our goods with the wagon, so excepting what Masters carry, we are prepared to go. We are to leave within an hour."

It is, at present, just past eleven bells. But it is not a far walk; Olten is not a big town, perhaps three hundred yards from end to end, so there's no trouble reaching the carriage in time.

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

I chuckle at Emmanuel. "You must have been very sure of our weariness of walking, my friend, to have already secured passage."

As I have my books, I've nothing further to do here, so I'm fine with moving forward.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Fair enough, I'll get started on the next post, though not right away. I'm a bit beat up after last night's activities - I think that anyone who knows me might guess at what I was doing. The body is sore and the mind weak).

Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

(OOC - take your time, enjoy the morning after.)