Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning, the Coast of Epirus

Thursday, May 22, 1650

Overnight, the Alcmaeon has made its way south.  When the party is allowed on deck during the morning, they are able to see the distant coast (for which I could find no decent picture), rocky and covered over with scrub and wild olive trees.  The weather is markedly warmer here than it was in Fiume, from where you departed ten days ago.

Omari will approach both Pyxaanthal and Vespasiano.  "What has become of your friend?" he will inquire, somewhat insidiously.


Vespasiano said...

"That is a good question", I say. "He did not rejoin us after our stop in Corfu Though we we associates for only a short time he seemed a fine gentleman and my hope is that he fell in with some local beauty who kept him from rejoining our errand to the south. Did you by chance see him in the city?"

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

Py is bit nervous at question, but is happy to have let Vespasiano answer.

Alexis said...

"I did not," says Omari. "I was concerned with a different matter."

He looks enormously unhappy. Vespasiano, you cannot help but notice that Hafsah is watching the exchange going on between you, Py and Omari - quite studiously, I might add.

Vespasiano said...

"A doxy of your own?" To Hafsah "Friend Hafsah did you happen to see our erstwhile companion on your own sojourn through fair Corfu?"

Alexis said...

(OOC: All right. First of all, you've just insulted Omari. Second, you've somehow assumed that 'Hafsah watching' means that he is standing at your shoulder, which he wouldn't be, as you're speaking to someone who is clearly Hafsah's enemy. Finally, you've decided to ask Hafsah directly about an assassination attempt on his life lightly, as though Hafsah hasn't seen you conversing with the attempting assassin for the week prior to Corfu.

I think it is pretty clear that this format for playing the game requires insight from the players, which I am sorry to say I don't see on this thread. I also feel it requires a level of commitment to the game as I play it, that I also don't see here.

Therefore I am surrendering this thread and retiring the Buffalo campaign. I just can't waste my time with it any more. Further comments on this thread will be deleted. I have no doubt that this will create hard feelings, but there you are. I feel I have no choice)

Vespasiano said...

(ooc: I undrstand what I was doing. I was attempting to play dumb and insult the two merchants to shake things up to see if they let go of any information inadvertantly. Maybe not the best strategy but I knew what I was doing.

Anyway it was fun while it lasted - no hard feelings on this end. It's been interesting seeing myself do many of the things that can bother me as a DM - I forget that being a player means you are, for the most part, completely in the dark about what is going on in the gameworld - a big differance from DM omninescence .Thanks for the time you put in on this.