Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Late Morning, Corfu Harbour

Wednesday, May 21, 1650

Vespasiano and Pyxaanthal find one another at the bistro near the ship, the same bistro that was mentioned the day before.  It is another warm, fine day, quite comfortable.  The bread is fresh, a mere 4 c.p. a loaf, and palinka, a sort of distilled brandy, available at 2 s.p. a glass.  A nice breakfast mackerel is only 10 s.p.

The party has only just heard; Telo made an attempt to kill Hafsah and Lateef, from the boat, and failed.  He managed to wound Lateef before being bludgeoned to death by the master of the house where Lateef was staying, and the master's two servants.  Pyxaanthal might, but Vespasiano probably doesn't, know why it happened.


Vespasiano said...

I will have a loaf of bread and a mackeral with brandy afterwards. "It's a shame what happened to our would be fellow translator. I hope our employer is not too put out. Do you know if the two gentlemen will still be travelling with us?"

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

Py orders the mackerel, but eyes the menu (whether on paper, or printed on the wall) for a while, indecisive, before settling for a some water.

"I... I don't know," he says in hushed tones... "and I think we should distance ourselves from him..."

He slowly works through his meal, "what are we supposed to do now? Just head back to the ship? Or find Omar first?"

Alexis said...

It's really up to the both of you. Would you want to go back to the ship, or catch a packet that would take you to the Greek coast? Perhaps you'd like to explore the island.

Not getting back on the ship would be breaking the contract with Salvador; he would probably want compensation, likely the price of the journey, that being 6 g.p. But you could quite likely 'disappear' into Corfu until the ship left.

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

OOC: Right, I meant for Py to be asking Vespasiano this question. For what it's worth, I vote getting back on the ship and meeting up with Salvador.

Vespasiano said...

"I still would like to see the ruins of Egypt but I am curious as to what friend Omari has secreted away." I then describe to Py what I have seen. "We must be careful - I would not like to meet the same fate as dear departed Telo. I wonder if we are still traveling with that gentleman?"

((OOC: I will be posting sporadically over the next few days as I am going a trip out of town.))

Alexis said...

Very well. I will assume both Pyxaanthal and Vespasiano return to the ship, and that the ship itself leaves Corfu on schedule.

Hafsah and Lateef return early, but do not tell their tale to anyone. When Omari arrives, he looks perplexed, unhappy to see his rivals still alive.

It will take eight days to reach Ierapetra, on Crete. We will continue on the next post.