Monday, November 16, 2009

Midnight, Sebenico

Wednesday, May 14, 1650

The Alcmaeon drops anchor in the harbor of Sebenico on the coast of Dalmatia (modern Croatia), and none of the passengers disembarks.  This would be the time for the players to do so, if they wish.

The ship takes on one passenger ... an elf, by the name of Pyxaanthal Rauvelore.  Salvador introduces him to Vespasiano and Telo; and explains that an agent had meant to send Rauvelore on with another ship, but since the Alcmaeon appeared in the harbor, it seemed sensible to buy him passage immediately.

Rumors fly around the ship about the body: that he was an assassin, that he was in the employ of Omari the merchant as a bodyguard, and that Hafsah and Lateef, in jealousy over Omari's business, killed him.  No one seems to know the body's name - he is variously described as Hamash, Karas and Hassan.

The captain of the Alcmaeon holds the ship in harbor for three hours, during which time ten large barrels are loaded into the front hold of the ship, before it departs.


Telo Arhen said...

Telo greets Pyxaanthal with the sign of a favorable star.

"You've come aboard a strange scene of murderous merchants... we should watch out for each-other..."

(OOC: what are the details of our purpose in going to Alexandria?)

Alexis said...

The details were posted back at the beginning: Salvador said, "My employer is an explorer and a countryman; he seeks the ancient city of Bubastis-al-Kubra, 'Bast of the Desert' ... and finds himself overwhelmed by the task of seeking through ancient writings and texts to discover the lost location of the city. He has brought men like you to help him, to comb through the Alexandrine libraries in search of clues."

Thus, he expects you to search through libraries.

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

Pyxaanthal, who, by the way, appears to be a boy of no more than 12, nods in response to Telo's greeting.

"Back in the city, I was told that this 'murder' was nothing more than a rumor... food poisoning or something, they said. Are you sure there really is an assassin on board this ship? Wouldn't it be safer to take a different one then?"

(OOC: I'm going to type out all of Pyxaanthal's questions, so as to avoid going "back and forth" in the comments here, but I intend for him to pause after each question to allow for someone to answer, rather than a quick chain-firing of all these questions in a row)

"You can call me Py (OOC: pronounced like the baked food "pie"), by the way. You are all mages? What happened to the body? It isn't still on board, is it?"

Py leans in to whisper this next bit: "Any ideas on who the suspects might be? Perhaps one of you have a 'detect evil' spell? Or an Alarm spell?"

Then, he resumes at a normal tone of voice: "Do we have a room onboard this ship? If so, we may consider setting an alarm so that we may sleep soundly..."

Vespasiano said...

"Well met Py. I am not convinced of anything yet though it is a very suspicious (and inauspicious) occurence. As for the body I have not seen it leave the ship though perhaps the Capatain is saving it for burial over deeper water. Alas, we do not have our own cabin aboard this vessel though as fellow employees - perhaps we could sleep in shifts?"

Vespasiano said...

I ask a sailor if he knows what are in the barrels just loaded onto the ship.

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

Assuming a sailor does respond, then after (s)he responds, Py adds "And what about the body? What happened to it?"

(OOC: Py wouldn't know about the argument earlier, so I don't think he should be the one to do this, but perhaps one of us should talk to the other merchants that the victim was arguing with before he died? Seems like "standard" mystery solving procedure. Or have one of the PCs mention the argument to Py, and I'll have Py do it.)

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

(OOC: I forgot to mention:) Py very slightly grimaces at the suggestion of sleeping in shifts, but nods, realizing this may very well be a necessity, given our situation.

Py has no preference and is willing to take on whatever shift schedule the others propose.

Alexis said...

Vespasiano, the sailor you ask explains that the barrels are pickles – that the captain made arrangements to put into port and load them aboard. Tis nothing strange.

To Py he says, “The body? It has been put into the front hold, and it is being prepared for burial. Don’t ask me what that means – I’d just as soon we dropped it in the sea, but the awful thing is being taken to Alexandria to be buried there.”

Vespasiano said...

I look for the old woman with the cat (I am thinking that the creature may be a familiar and if so maybe it might have saw something that night).

Alexis said...

Vespasiano sees the old woman (she's sleeping), but no sign of the cat. Since first seeing them together, they've not been near one another - you begin to suspect that when she was pushing it off her lap, she was getting rid of a pest. You can't be sure they have any connection with one another.

Telo Arhen said...

"For sleeping in shifts - yes, a good idea... good to develop the habit of keeping an eye out for each other, yes?

I am without such spells as you mention, Py, to help us maintain a vigil, but I am accustomed to little sleep and can take watch most of the night."

Pyxaanthal Rauvelore said...

(OOC: Hey everyone, I'm on a mini-business trip, so my participation may be sporadic on Wednesday and Thursday. Alexis, I saw that you sent me the item list, but I don't think I'll be able to look at it until Friday. And yes, I am the "Nebu" who had e-mailed you all earlier.)

After the Sailor's response, Py returns to the other mages "So none of you have any divination spells? Nothing to temporarily summon his ghost to ask him what he last saw or anything like that?"

On the assumption that you all say no, Py then shrugs in defeat of having run out of ideas. "Maybe we can follow and find out what they shall do with the body in Alexandria... Or maybe just forget the whole deal, and proceed on to our employer."

With that, he's more than grateful to let Telo take on the longest shift, and go to sleep, to quickly past the rest of the voyage.