Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Morning, On Deck

Tuesday, May 13, 1650

A dozen sailors of the ship come down into the hold and drive all the passengers, including the party, out onto the deck, ruining any chance of examining the body now.  As all wait, the captain goes below, much discussion is had, and the body is removed.

Salvador can be seen near the prow, looking quite perplexed, but entirely approachable.  Breakfast waits, a good hour and a half, before it is served, and the passengers are all given that time on deck.  There is a stiff breeze blowing, the ship making a good five knots per hour, literally flying along the coastline.  An image of Dugi Otok island can be seen right.

There is a great deal of grumbling among many of the passengers that there is a murderer on board, and several are wondering if they will have to sleep with in the same hold as whoever it is that night.  The second mate, who oversees the passengers while the captain manages matters below, and the first mate manages the ship, declines to give an answer.

At eleven bells the captain assembles the compliment of the ship, as well as the passengers.  "With this good wind," he says, "We shall be able to reach Sebenico in 18 hours.  For those passengers who wish to engage other passage, I will willingly put in there and return to you five of the six gold you have paid - no one need sleep until then.  I shall investigate this matter and make effort to see that the guilty is punished, but I shall not trap any passenger on this ship."


Vespasiano said...

I go to Salvador "A very strange business, any idea what happened to our ex-travelling companion?"

Alexis said...

Salvador: "I don't see how it can concern us. These petty squabbles happen among travellers all the time. I doubt you will see anyone leave the ship in Sebenico. The captain must have some other reason for stopping there, and is using this as an excuse."

Telo Arhen said...

I would like to approach the second mate and offer my services - "During the night, I can keep a keen-eyed watch on-deck. The passengers fear that another murder might be easily accomplished, and fear that they are next... and if the night is clear, the murderer dissuaded, I will have an opportunity to study the skies. I suspect a malign force operates aboard."

Alexis said...


The mate is rather busy, but he directs the officer of the deck to listen to your suggestion, after which he tells you politely that they've got a full compliment of crew and can manage the matter quite decently on their own, but your help is very much appreciated and did you know that fresh water is available on the poop deck?

Vespasiano said...

"So you're sure it was foul play?" I say also I scan the deck for my friend with the medicine (did I ever get her name?). Is she with her cat?

Alexis said...

Salvador answers, "Oh, I can't say for sure, but it probably was."

You cannot see her from where you are at the moment, but there are places on the deck where she might be, out of sight.

Vespasiano said...

I bid Salvador a good day and start looking for my elderly friend.