Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last time I ran the online campaign I had not too much trouble with regular posting, but I did get a great many emails from people excusing themselves from not doing it – which gets exhausting. I’m not trying to track anyone’s life towards the blog and I don’t want to insist that people sit down to post. We’re all busy, we have things we’re doing, and if we can’t post that’s just a part of life.

However, I do want to establish some kind of rhythm for the campaign, so I’m going to try the following policy.

Every three days, if I receive no message from individuals in the campaign, I am going to move the campaign along, time wise. This is not meant to get players killed, but rather just to increase the amount of information being given so as to give the player a chance to react if the player happens to be stuck. It is the sort of thing I would do offline as a DM.

The time interval will vary, from a day to an hour to a minute to a round, depending on the circumstance. If, for example, in the middle of combat I’m getting no response from a player, I will roll that player’s combat and advance the combat forward one round. Or if the players are travelling, I will have a day pass, or move from afternoon to evening, that sort of thing.

Obviously, this will be easier if players who are stumped as to what to do next simply comment, “I wait and see.” Then I will immediately move forward to what comes next.

This policy will be changed and updated as necessary.

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Delfig Kôlhupfer said...

Just as I was on my way to update... :D

This is very fair and consistent.