Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning, On Board the Acmaeon

Monday, May 12, 1650

As Alonzo rejoins his companions, a tall stranger, clearly a Spaniard, approaches the group. He is quite handsome, with black hair, sharp features and a long chin; he is dressed expensively, with a velvet jacket and rich linen shirt, with four heavy, expensive rings on his fingers and a heavy silver chain about his neck, set with yellow stones. He bows deeply.

“Welcome aboard, Don Arhen, it is good that you’ve made it. And welcome, Don Serlio and Don Vezzali. I am Salvador Estados. You have each met with an agent, who has found you and paid your passage on board this vessel. These agents work for me, just as I work for another we shall me in Alexandria. During this journey, I am to be at your service. Is there anything that you require, to make your journey more comfortable or to set your minds at ease?”


Alonzo Vezzali said...

"Perhaps you can help us pass the time by telling us the tale of how you came to serve this fellow we are going to meet, over a glass of wine."

Vespasiano said...

"I would be interested in hearing that story."

Alexis said...

Salvador answers,

"Tis no mystery. My employer is an explorer and a countryman; he seeks the ancient city of Bubastis-al-Kubra, 'Bast of the Desert' ... and finds himself overwhelmed by the task of seeking through ancient writings and texts to discover the lost location of the city. He has brought men like you to help him, to comb through the Alexandrine libraries in search of clues."

Vespasiano said...

"Is your - I suppose our - employer a connoisseur of ancient ruins or does he seek something in particular within this city?"

Alexis said...

"I cannot say for certain ..." says Salvador. "He is certainly a seeker of strange places - he uncovered the tomb of Sennacherib six years ago, which brought him much power, though I do not know by what means. These are not things he shares with his servants."