Monday, October 26, 2009

Morning, Fiume Harbor

Monday, May 12, 1650

It is late morning as the Greek Ship, the Acmaeon, pulls away from the quay in Fiume.  Alonzo and Vespasiano stand next to one another on the deck, watching the mile-long man-made headland running in front of Fiume as the ship makes its way from the harbour.  The captain has allowed the passengers, nearly sixty of them, this time on the deck, but promises that everyone will be sent below soon after.  Passengers are allowed a hour a day, during good weather, to take in fresh air ... no more.

The ship is not meant to stop until Alexandria except to take on water in Corfu and then again in Ierapetra.  It expects to reach Egypt in fifteen days.

The two gentlemen share notes.  Vespasiano identifies himself as being from Venice.  Alonzo was born in Friulia, but admits to having spent virtually his whole life in Pola.  It takes little time for them to identify each other as mages, and a little more time before they are both comparing hand-bills they both received about two months ago.  The handbills read, "Seeking, knowledgeable candidates to search literary sources in Alexandria, Egypt.  Must be able to read difficult texts.  Payment, 10 g.p."

What does it mean, they both wonder.

Alonzo has heard tell that there is another mage on board, an elf, and wonders if he received the same handbill.


The image shows the view of Rijeka from Kvarner Gulf, an arm of the Adriatic Sea.


Alexis said...

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Alonzo Vezzali said...

Alonzo suggests to Vespasiano that they should find this elf and invite him to join them in conversation, for the sake of goodwill among colleagues. If V. demurs, Alonzo will look for the elf on his own.

Alexis said...

The elf does not seem to be on deck, and a crewmember will block Alonzo from going below. "Enjoy the sky now, citizen, there will be little of it you can see for the rest of the day."

Alexis said...

Vespasiano sees a small boat waiting at the top of the headland, with a pilot and a passenger - it is the elf. The little boat's pilot is quite adept, and swings the stern within reach just as the Acmaeon passes ... the elf deftly takes hold of the ship's ladder, and while it is still swinging the elf climbs onto the ship.

A crewman is waiting; he finds that the elf has a passage and welcomes him aboard.

Vespasiano said...

"Welcome aboard Brother!"

Telo Arhen said...

"Ah fortune - I've only just made it! Honored to meet you, sir."

Alexis said...

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